Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Mother Load and Other Thoughts

The Mother Load... I think it breeds when I'm not looking.  Why IS that?  It mocks me, so I'm putting it here so I can kick its butt.  Ready?

Relax, it was clean.
He reminded me of one of those old paintings of saints...

Oh, and the photos?  Apropos of nothing.  Just to make me giggle.

But back to the Mother Load.  Ready?  Okay:

* call about Tate's insurance
* renew Tate's state park disability pass
* sort kitchen containers (match lids to containers)
* remind Gunnar to email "S" about a summer job
* call Worldview Academy about accommodations
* send in Tate's $ to his investment
* have boys strip beds
* wash boys' sheets
* have boys make beds
* inventory the "gift box" (depleted after Christmas)
* remind Wyatt to make appt with Running Start office to confirm his remaining A.A. requirements
* hem Gunnar's dress blues
* call Advanced Bionics about Tate's head-piece (missing little pad)
* make appointment for Tate at Children's - in May
* wrap baby quilt
* make appointment for Tate and me at the Tech School to talk about Running Start
* download snowshoeing pics from Kerry
* mail photos to my cousin
* email "B" about tea
* print "ring theory" article and take to Chickie
* sort snack food
* remind Tate to pre-purchase a yearbook
* call about our insurance cards - WHERE ARE THEY?
* prep Sunday school lesson
* mark dates (Chickie's PT appointment, baby shower, concert) on kitchen calendar
* order bread pans from Amazon
* call K about sending stuff with her
* make jam

Yes, I've made some progress, but... miles to go and all that.  So here's another giggle from 2008...

The boys - all duded up for a wedding reception.

But still.... zero to crazy in six seconds or less.

And how is your day going?


Sara McD said...

Wook at widdow Gunnar! Adorable even with a toilet on his head. That's saying something.

I think I'd die if I had to look at a list like that. Especially the "official" things like phone calls, and renewals, and investments. Ugh.

How's Chickie feeling?

Joy said...

I "get" zero-crazy in 60 seconds or less. Three kids under six over here, but only one boy, how can that be? Going through mortgage paperwork, I think I have gained 5 pounds eating nervously and working at it on the computer. Kids watching hours of shows just to get through this. Its fine time to not have a working printer!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Joy, no fun! And our printer isn't "working" right now either (well, we're just out of paper - oops!) Good luck with the mortgage.

Sara, the crazy thing about the list is that most of the things just take a minute or two (well, most things...) but what drudgery! And thanks for asking about Chickie - she is obviously uncomfortable (i.e. in pain) but is upbeat and cheerful. And her recovery is going so much better than last time - which was a THIRD surgery on her other hip - so that must be encouraging.

Rebecca D said...

Your "mother load" list is about as long as mine is, but mine is more business related... I wish I was dealing with house stuff! I was packing up our Christmas decor and a few of the items are pieces you have made us (tree runner & cardinal wall hanging) and it was too hard to pack them so I didn't! I am calling them "winter decor"!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

My hat is off to you. I feel swamped with just house/family stuff, and you run a successful business as well! Go easy on yourself, my friend :D And I love winter decor ;D

Monica said...

I had to laugh! I too have the sort the lids thing on my task list! How do I end up with so many lids and no bowls?!
Good luck on getting this list knocked out!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Monica, I laugh at myself too. I bought a bunch of plastic food containers at the dollar store and have decided they're one thing that's NOT worth it... at least with teenage boys in the house! They're cracking to pieces and the lids don't stay on tight. Ugh. I mean, yes - it's a first world problem, right? But I"m culling the junk!

Ann said...

I'm laughing over the lids, too. I finally gave up - I now have a spot for big lids and a spot for little ones. We just rummage through when the time comes!

Although, when we moved, I did ditch several that didn't have mates...