Monday, January 18, 2016

Wait, It's Monday?

Yes, yes it is.  And I don't feel like doing the whole "Grasshopper Days" thing.  Or maybe I just need to revamp it, because some of the prompts just feel stale.

1.  But today is a good day, and not just because the boys are off school.  It was a Hobby Lobby day!  Thanks to an invite from as good friend and fellow creative soul from the chapel, I've made my first foray into Hobby Lobby.  And since today a whole bunch of stuff was 50% off, well, we just won't think about what I spent, but about how much I saved :D

And look!  Polka-dot (blank) cards to customize!  How fun is that?

2.  I also found some fabric that's just what I needed for Baby Quilt #3, that's in the wash right now, because - yes - I'm a pre-washer.  And if you'd seen the color-catcher that came through the first time, well, you'd understand why.  I do love the saturated colors, but I want them to stay where they belong.

3.  And I'm glad it's Monday because Sunday was kind of crazy.  Well, our beloved Seahawks lost, and are out of the playoffs.  No Superbowl for us this year.  We still love them - they're a class act.  It's just too bad they didn't really show up until the second quarter.  But that's not what got me down...

4.  I've mentioned that I'm teaching Sunday school, and I'm just getting a little discouraged.  There are some wonderful advantages to attending a small church, and then there are some... complications.  My little Sunday school class has kids from age 3 up to 2nd grade, and the curriculum - well, the activities in the curriculum - are really directed more towards the kids who are readers.  That means, that it's appropriate for maybe 1/4 of the kids in my class.  So every Sunday, I'm trying to keep my older kids engaged while trying to keep the younger kids focused, which usually means searching the internet for alternate activities, crafts, etc.

So while I'm trying to engage them with some hands-on activity that's meaningful to our topic, they're doing things like

*  "hiding" under the table (yes, I know you're there)
*  acting like a human pinball and ricocheting repeatedly off the other kids
*  asking to be excused to the bathroom for the second time in ten minutes
*  or intentionally drooling on the table and playing in the drool.

I have three boys of my own.  I have a pretty good memory for the crazy things boys do.  I'm trying to be patient and tolerant.  But I still wonder if I'm accomplishing anything of value.  *sigh*

5.  In happier news, Tate has been invited to join the National Honor Society.  Yay, Tate!

6.  This makes me smile...  Gunnar and a little friend in a hurricane simulator.

7.  And for anyone prone to typos...  how did this get by?

8.  And this makes me giggle...

9.  And... that's what's rattling around in my brain this Monday.  How about you?


Monica said...

Yes, Monday was crazy for me. I wish there were more hours in a day! I always enjoy coming by and reading your posts.
#4...I've been there my friend. And the more I did in our small church the more others would sit by and let me. We finally ended up leaving that church because I came home more frustrated than lifted up! I didn't feel I was giving quality time to the Lord that way.
#1...I have to stay out of that store! For one I love all the fabric and crafts and such but I buy them and they are sitting here waiting for retirement! ;) Oh boy!
#5...Yay Tate!!! How cool!
#3...Our team lost in the playoffs as well (KC)
Hope you have a great week Julie!
Laughing at your #7 and 8!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

HI Monica :D I just want to clarify something because some of my church friends may read... at our church, we have LOTS of helping hands, and I don't feel over-burdened :D I'm just struggling with the age spread of the kids in my little class, and the challenge of keeping them all engaged - not boring the older ones, and not going too far over the heads of the younger ones! But I've seen other churches like you described, as well.

and YES to your #1 - it's a good thing Hobby Lobby is in the next tow south of us and not TOO convenient for me! That would definitely be dangerous!

Have a good week :D