Wednesday, May 18, 2016

And Finally, The Last of the Spring Baby Quilts

I guess it doesn't always happen, but sometimes babies seem to come in clusters.
(In 2013 we had FOUR in our little chapel! A banner year!)

One of my friends from the chapel had her third in February,
so this is for little Nathan :D

Isn't he a cutie?  I love his brothers, too!
(Photo shamelessly pilfered from their mom's facebook page ;D)

His older brothers got their quilts years ago.
Number one...

... and number two...

I wanted them all to be different,
but used one or two of the same fabrics in each.

The newest one has four different batiks!
I don't remember knowing the gender of the first two,
but this one I knew was a boy :D

And I needed something quick and fun,
so chevrons fit the bill.

And a bright, vibrant backing that won't show the dirt,
so they can throw it on the ground for a picnic or whatever :D

I think this is my favorite fabric - my happy colors!

And I kept the quilting really simple, so it came together really quickly.

Congratulations, Pete and Bethany :D


Monica said...

Beautiful! What handsome little boys! Thanks for sharing Julie!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Monica :D Aren't those boys cuties?!

melanie said...

Always fun to see your quilt projects! Great colors and super cute boys!

Sara McD said...

I love the boys, so cute!

That quilt, though. Gorgeous. I especially like the the third stripe down.