Friday, May 20, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys, and Carnivores Will Be Carnivores

Gunnar's assignment was to write a (short!) story and vary the length of the sentences.
Here ya go:

One day Bill was walking down the sidewalk.  All of a sudden Bill heard the sound of screeching tires.  Crash!  Bill looked in the direction the sound had come from.  "Oh no!" Bill thought.  A car had hit a deer.  The car's hood was dented pretty badly and the windshield was broken, however the driver was okay.  The deer had snapped its neck, but otherwise was fine.  

(This last sentence threw me for a minute, but wait for it...)

Bill and the driver both had steaks for dinner.


Monica said...

Bwhahaha!!! That's hilarious! You MUST keep that one for his children to read! :)
Happy Friday!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Monica - yep, I'm keeping it!

Fat Dormouse said...

It's funny how young people's imaginations work! I have nabbed your Grasshopper Days ideas for a post. I hope you don't mind! (

Sara McD said...

otherwise fine for dinner! I love it - waste not, want not. Very funny essay.

Ann said...

Catching up...and this is my favorite!! Yep, sounds like the deer was just fine to me! :D