Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Outside my window...

Oh autumn, you tease me.
You're all crisp mornings and gorgeous leaves and glory,
and then I drag myself out of bed,
peek out the window,
and am greeted with sheets of rain.
That I'm about to go out in.

Every day I'm hoping for this:

And today you give me this...


the recycling truck just came by and picked up everything.

Unexpected bonus to living on a corner:
If you're a little slow to get your recycling out
and miss the truck on one side of the house,
you can catch it on the other side ;D



* work for Kerry
* for a missionary (friend of friend) with a health crisis in a developing country
(just found out he passed away, leaving a young family - praying for them now)
* for a friend about to have his cancerous leg amputated
* for all my boys to work diligently and do well


* for the work Kerry does have
* for my new-this-year Bible study - yay BSF :D
* that we can vote, even when we have to hold our noses
* for our warm and welcoming chapel
* that Gunnar got his nerve up and played some fiddle tunes at the chapel talent night
* for my sweet neighbors
* for beautiful morning skies like this


Brrrr!  It feels cold today!
Blue jeans, t-shirt, navy blue sweater, thick socks, and my "holeys" (slippers).
When the boys were little they started calling Crocs "holeys" because of all the little holes.
They're awesome.  (The boys.)


finally getting going on yet another baby quilt,
a gift that will travel across the Pacific :D

The Surprised House looks kind of happy today.


to stay home for the rest of the day!
I'll light a candle, sip my tea, and watch the rain stream down the windows.


same same.

This seagull really likes this particular pole.
I see him there often.

Looking forward to...

Wyatt is in his - Lord willing - LAST QUARTER OF SCHOOL.
Assuming he passes all his classes this term,
he will graduate in December.

He'll get his high school diploma and
his Associate of Arts and Sciences.

Tate and I were watching the sunrise through the dewy window.
Tate: It looks like a thermonuclear reaction.
Tate: It IS a thermonuclear reaction.

In the kitchen...

this is a day for comfort food.
I have bread rising to bake tomorrow,
and the boys want homemade dinner rolls tonight.
And chicken.

In the learning rooms... 

Gunnar is busy with two biology experiments across the hall,
and Tate is downstairs working on something.
Math.  P-Tech.  CAD.
Pick one.

Though Gunnar has finished his unit on fungi,
I can't help noticing them everywhere now.
This one was at least eight inches in diameter!

And these tiny ones... what are they?

Around the house...  

coziness is the need of the hour!
Candles, and warm blankets, and good books :D

Noticing that...

Gunnar is doing MUCH better at working independently than at the beginning of the school year.
Go, Gunnar, go!

Something to remember for later...

I didn't get good photos during Commander's Call,
but Tate promoted to Captain at Civil Air Patrol!

That's a "Milestone Achievement" and will come with more ceremony at the annual Dining Out (banquet), but for now Grasshopper family tradition dictates that a promotion means a trip to Dairy Queen :D

Love this bunch of "kids"!

Something fun to share...

Tate had a big success in the "technology and independence" realm.
I'll post about that soon.

A favorite quote for today...

Kerry, Wyatt and I did this today...

So I leave you with this:

One of my favorite things...  

Even in the drippy rain there is beauty... in dead leaves!

A Bible verse...  

Psalm 145:18

The Lord is near to all who call on Him,
to all who call on Him in truth.

A peek into my world...

There's a reason we're "The Evergreen State" ;D


N Rogers said...

Glad you are enjoying BSF! I didn't hear about it until we moved to Quito, but we've been involved in various ways over the years and have always appreciated it. Where is the class you go to? And thanks for sharing your fall photos -- a treat for my eyes as I sit here in 77-degree weather! :)

Monica said...

As always I enjoyed Grasshopper Days! :) Love the quote by John Wesley! So appropriate!!!
Love your weather. As much as I despise WINTER I love November and the crispness (NOT the freezing cold of December and January). We aren't getting that. It's been 85 here in Missouri. My flower bed is still full of blooming flowers! How can I get cozy with a cuppa if it's so warm? Just sayin...
Have a great weekend Julie! :)