Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tech Support

If you don't have personal (family) experience with hearing loss you may not have ever thought about the phone being difficult.  But it is.  No visual cues.  Distortion.  And double distortion from the phone to your hearing aid or CI.  It's really frustrating.

For years Tate has avoided phone calls,
and I've been his "tech support" person.

No more.

Now that he has his Naida CIs,
his compilot (a bluetooth device that will stream right into his CIs) and his own cel-hone,
it was time to transfer some new responsibilities to my almost-eighteen-year-old.

He had two phone calls to make - an easy one to Advanced Bionics,
the company that makes his CIs, is used to dealing with hearing impaired folks,
and is right here in America.
That was a slam dunk.

Then came the call to Amazon for help getting his Kindle up and running.

Oh my word.

The first (of three) calls involved three customer service reps,
and two of them were very obviously NOT native English speakers.
That’s hard for ME and I hear pretty well and have more experience with different accents!

Anyway, Tate persevered.

He remained polite through many MANY
requests for repeats,
and got the issue resolved all on his own,
with no mom-intervention.



Monica said...

That's awesome! Technology is a wonderful thing when used for the good! :)

Choate Family said...

Way to go, Tate!

Sara McD said...

Big high five, Tate!