Monday, November 14, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, November 14, 2016

Outside my window...

this at 3:30am...

but it's clearing up for a beautiful sunrise.


wind, and rain spattering through the night.
But they can do beautiful things,
like flinging this maple leaf into a sword fern.


We had a church talent show recently.
Gunnar played his fiddle - I'm so proud!
His teacher intended to come and accompany him on guitar,
but had to decline at the last minute,
and Wyatt was able to pinch hit beautifully.

Our little chapel also fields some amazing artists,
several I was aware of but one was new to me -

She's multi-talented,
and I was the most amazed by her wood-burned pieces.
(Photographed and posted with her permission.)


With a $25 kit from Wal-mart.

No kidding.

Just to be clear,
wood-burning, Grasshopper-style:

Wood-burning, Bonnie Patterson style...
This - her second piece - is my favorite.

It looked as if it would feel velvety to the touch!

I linked to her website above, where you can see more of her art :D


* a bloggy friend's son just had (CI) implant surgery Friday - praying for good hearing for him!
* another good friend will have his lower leg amputated this week (cancer) - praying for healing
* Thanksgiving is next week!!! - praying for the glory of God through the holidays
* and Lordhavemercy the kitchen fridge/freezer is making odd sounds and is not quite cold...


for sometime morning sun,
even in this dark, rainy season.


to meet Tate at the bank and take care of some business -
he has a surprise I'll be sharing soon!


fresh insights into the book of John
thanks to my Bible Study Fellowship group!

Looking forward to...

I love the holiday season :D
Looking forward to having lots of my favorite people
around the Thanksgiving table.

In the kitchen...

Or, if I want to be fancy, "rechauffe" ;D
Made a big pot of chicken tortilla soup yesterday.
Perfect for this weather!

In the learning rooms...

I've mentioned that Gunnar is working more independently.
Yay, Gunnar!
He got stuck in math recently,
and figured it out with the help of youtube and Khan Academy.
Remember what homework was like before the internet?
If you can believe it,
I actually graduated college without a computer.
I know.
Shock and awe.

Around the house...

had the boys do some chores over the weekend.
Tate can stream music into his CIs and simultaneously turn off all ambient noise.
Works great when he's mowing the lawn, or vacuuming.

Except when he doesn't hear the vacuum cleaner suck up the corner of a throw rug,
and doesn't hear it start to "scream",
and doesn't know anything is wrong until he smells something burning.

I think we may need a new vacuum cleaner.

And I hope we don't need a new fridge.

Merry.... Christmas???


Noticing that...

since we switched the rooms around earlier this year,
my craft room faces a different direction - into the weather.

Is it weird that I like to listen to the rain pelting the windows?

I like it because
I'm warm and dry inside!

Something to remember for later...

last Tuesday had an identity crisis.

Looked like winter...

felt like summer.

No kidding.

Something fun to share...

went for a walk with a friend on Saturday and noticed some wood chips around this odd stump...

looked a little closer...


One of my favorite things...

a startling sunset, out my window...

A Bible verse...

God reigns over the nations;
God is seated on His holy throne.

Psalm 47:8

A few plans for the rest of the week...

the usual round of school, CAP, violin lesson, Messiah rehearsal,
and scurrying from place to place...

but I'm really looking forward to having friends over on Friday!

A peek into my world...


Monica said...

So many beautiful pictures in this post. SO much to comment on... Praying for all those needs! Our weather too has much of an identity crisis... my flower beds are still in bloom even after two frosty nights. The day time temps are into the 70's.
Looking forward to TURKEY day! Lots of leftovers and I love leftovers! :D

dlefler said...

Thank you so much for the prayers. Nolan is doing well - the CI surgery site is mostly recovered (though the incision still looks a little raw), but the tympanoplasty has been rougher. He still wakes from pain from his ear hurting, which is the repaired eardrum. He's been a real trooper! I am counting down the days until activation. I just emailed his audiologist with the equipment we want last night... getting one Naida Q90 and one Neptune. He can't wait to hear what water sounds like!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Monica! I'm looking forward to leftovers too!

Leah - still praying for his recovery (glad the surgery went so well!) and for a good adjustment to the CI sounds :D