Monday, March 27, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, March 27, 2017

I startled someone while walking last week...

Outside my window...
the changeable weather of spring!
Rain and sunshine,
but mostly rain.

He thought he was hidden.

the robins have been back for awhile
and I love hearing them.
Even early in the morning.
(Kerry, not so much.)

On a walk with friends from church

I keep having tiny flashes of memory that I can't make sense of.
I must be remembering dream fragments.
No correlation to the real world.

to be productive!

Spring is trying!

* Tate doesn't have his grades yet,
but I'm confident he finished his quarter well
* Kerry gets to spend some time with his step-mom
* Wyatt is getting lots of practice with housework ;D
* Gunnar is looking forward to his spring break, coming soon
* I'm glad for a fresh start each week


coming down the homestretch...

Just the binding left to do, but it's a loooooong binding!

to have lunch with my friend Linda,
a belated birthday lunch.

Can you find the source of the loud rattling I heard?

still (still!) working through Saving Leonardo.
Next, I need some light fiction!!!

A flicker, on the chimney vent.

Looking forward to...
May 5!!!
Our friends will arrive :D 

Not the ducks that are common around here...

In the kitchen...
hmmmm, can I get away with leftovers again?
There are plenty of them!
Maybe egg burritos.

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar and AJ did their last Biology dissections and
I didn't take any photos.
They had a hard time getting through the perch's skull to find the brain,
and Gunnar's frog was a girl.
(Full of eggs.)

Walking through the park with Gunnar on Saturday

Around the house...
probably time to retire the Valentine's decorations,
do ya think?
(Martha Stewart just cringed somewhere.)

Did I mention we've had a lot of rain lately???

Noticing that...
Gunnar isn't just taller than I am,
he's getting even taller.

Something to remember for later...
automatically doubling recipes we like
(because hello, three growing young men)
isn't always necessary.
Or even possible, without digging out
a bigger mixing bowl from the back of cabzilla.
Good thing we all love this

The Mother Load...
still just as overwhelming but
re-written in bright colors (!!!)
so that makes it all fun,

A favorite quote for today...
Good growth takes place
upward and downward
at the same time.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

One of my favorite things...
my dad :D
He is a helper.
When my kitchen light had a melt-down,
he came to the rescue with his electrical skills,
and the very next morning,
I had this :D

A peek into my world...
a walk in the rain...


Sara McD said...

I have those weird memory snatches too. I think, "Wait. Did I dream that?"

I always stop to look at the WPA plaques during our walks through the state parks. History, man. :)

Ann Hibbard said...

Oh how I love reading your blog.

I really like the "windy" quilt pattern. I need to show that to Angie!

And May 5! Woo-hoo! Yippee! We're counting the days, too!