Friday, May 19, 2017

Choate Sunday

We take things for granted,
like attending church in our native language,
and hearing God's Word faithfully taught...
even more precious when shared with friends.
We nearly filled two pews :D

Through the generosity of friends, I was able to borrow two cellos.
I love hearing the beautiful music Aaron and Joanna make!
And they were very patient and encouraging to Gunnar and me -
we tried to keep up with them, and Benjamin on viola.

Because we're so thankful to all be together,
we had a Thanksgiving dinner -
turkey and all the fixings.
(Thanks to my mom for helping with the prep beforehand!)

We had plenty of time for a walk on some of our favorite neighborhood trails.

All seven kids here :D

Tate, with his trademark humor, referred to the "extremely rare pixilated woodpecker".
(It's a pileated woodpecker, in case you're not familiar...)

We're lucky to have such great parks and trails nearby.
If you can recognize stinging nettles, you're pretty much good to go ;D

Guess who's used to living in the tropics?
(Hint: look for the bare feet!)

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Choate Family said...

I love watching you weave our pictures together to tell a beautiful story 😀