Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Walk In the Woods

I walked out my back door this morning, looked up, and saw this.

Isn't that a cheery view to start the day?

Gunnar rode off to school on his bike,
and I headed out on a walk, and then...
look closely at the photo.
Look at the dark trees to the right...

From where???

Oh well.
A delivery man - stopped along the road - and I looked at the sky and had a good laugh.
It only lasted a minute or two.

More signs of spring in the woods.

Yellow twinflower.

Roberts Geranium - more lavender than pink when you see them in person.

Thimble berry blossoms everywhere.
(Yes, they're in the rose family.)

And these, I've forgotten the name of.
A tall spike with inconspicuous green flowers.

If you look closely, well...
they remind me of spiders.

Wild blackberry.

Nootka rose.

And the star flowers are blooming.
Seems right out of a fairy tale, doesn't it?
Like elves would dance here.

And, though Kerry hates them,
I love the common dandelion.

This, however, mystifies me.
I've been watching this house go up for several months.
This is obviously the front of the house -
lots of windows -
while the back has hardly any.

And while the "front" faces the narrow road and the neighbor's
overgrown ivy-and-blackberry-infested hedge,
the "back" faces this view:

Even if I wasn't an architect's wife, I think I'd still be stunned by that design decision.
Maybe they just bought the plans out of a book and
didn't give a moment's thought to the actual building site.
What a wasted opportunity!

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