Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An early morning walk... again

Outside my window... a breeze, bringing a change in the weather.

Neighborhood pest

Hearing...  Wyatt grousing about taking out the garbage.
So. Much. Work.

I wonder where the sheep have gone?  The grass is getting long.

Pondering...  I'm working on a quilt.
The piecing?  So much fun!  Color!  Design!  Visible progress!  Fun, fun, fun!

Aaaand I've reverted to Dick and Jane...

See Julie.  See Julie sew.  Sew, Julie, sew!  Fun. fun, fun!

You know what's NOT fun?
The part where you tape the backing to the floor,
spread out the batting on the floor,
lay out the top on the floor,
and pin it all together on the floor...

The rest of the work is at the table ;D

Nootka rose blossom

Praying...  Wyatt needs a job.  Again.
He had a great job, but apparently the funding for the
summer project had to be diverted.

Morning in the woods

Thankful...  the school year is winding down,
Kerry is really busy with work,
and the sun is finally shining in Washington.

Creating...  a baby quilt I can't show yet.

I love this stretch of trail :D

Going...  to bed early.
Because I love-love-love clean sheets, fresh from the clothesline.

Chinese Empress Tree

Reading...  just about to finish Aimee Byrd's Housewife Theologian.

Looking forward to...  finishing one project and starting another ;D
I read quilt blogs and they talk about all their "WIPs" -
their Works In Progress.
Some of them will have 10 or 20 projects going at a time.
I'd lose my mind.
I start a project, and I want to see it FINISHED.

Wild strawberries.  But you know who will get all the berries.  Deer.

In the kitchen...  festival dinner tonight.
That means everyone gets to raid the fridge for leftovers,
because it's CAP night.
(But it sounds a lot more fun than leftovers, doesn't it?)

In the learning rooms...  Gunnar has two weeks of history and one Biology lab left to do for homeschool.  Whew!  Public school runs to June 16, though.
And Tate goes until the 20th.

It's an explosion of green this month.

Around the house...  everything getting back to "normal" after hosting friends :D
Well, as normal as it ever gets...

Noticing that...  I was admiring the blooming Scotch Broom when I noticed something...

... a busy visitor

And yes, I know Scotch Broom is a nasty, invasive weed.
It was intentionally introduced into Victoria BC in the mid 1800s
and has spread all over the PNW.
And nothing eats it.

But at least it's a pretty, nasty, invasive weed.

The Mother Load...  
* get Tate and Kerry new jeans
* have a "calendar summit" with Kerry
* defrost the Big Freezer, which isn't as cold as it should be
* clean out the family room closet (stuff to sell???)
* finish this baby quilt
* get groceries
* go by the post office to mail a package
* keep practicing violin...

A week ago, temps in the 40s.  Yesterday?  85.  Pic by Gunnar.

Something funny to share...  I was up at WWU and saw this...

... so tell me about those pizzas?!?!

A favorite quote for today...
I would always rather be happy than dignified.
(Charlotte Bronte)

Our neighbors have a grafted dogwood.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
chip away at the Mother Load.

In the Sunday morning sunshine!

A peek into my world...

it's so green this time of year, it almost feels like being underwater.

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