Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Outside my window...
And spring is way behind the photo above.  But it's trying.

a quiet, empty house.
Which means my internet is going faster than it goes when the boys are home ;D

I love seeing my boys growing into MEN,
but sometimes I miss the little years...

Tate has a lot of irons in the fire,
along with scholarship applications,
summer intern applications,
and decisions to make about leadership positions
he may be involved with next year.
Wyatt seems to be doing well at his job,
and needs to decide about school in the fall.
Gunnar is coming down the homestretch with school
and we want to finish strong.
Kerry has the wonderful "problem" of being swamped with work right now,
and needs to juggle jobs to keep all his clients happy :D
In general I'm praying for good weather and for everyone to stay healthy
with friends coming to visit in two days!

for all the aforementioned work,
for all the opportunities our boys have,
for good health,
good family,
and good friends :D

Gunnar and I went for a walk recently.
Frank, the cat-that-thinks-he's-a-dog, came out to greet us,
and watched us until we went up over the hill.

plans for the next few days :D

to pick Gunnar up from school and run a couple of errands.
Because our life is non-stop excitement.

Vanilla Leaf

in the yard?
When the sun finally comes out,
we WILL get outside and enjoy it,
no matter how hard it is to read beneath
that bright, shiny, yellow orb!

 Looking forward to...
walking the familiar trails with friends who haven't seen them before!
And hoping these bleeding hearts are still blooming. 

In the kitchen...
I think we'll all be home for dinner tonight.
I love that :D

A huge trillium, "protected" by the stinging nettles.

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar is reviewing for a Biology test,
and studying WW2 in History -
so timely that we all got to go hear Noemi Ban share her story last week.
She's a local woman, a Holocaust survivor, who has been very generous in telling her story to groups through the years  I heard her speak about ten years ago.  She's 94 now, and I felt a bit of urgency for the boys to have the opportunity to hear her personally.

Oregon Grape blooming

Around the house...
making room for the Choates!

A tree.  In our yard.  I have no idea what it is.  Pretty.

Noticing that...
time for my spring Public Service Announcement:

A favorite quote for today...
Good growth takes place upward and downward
at the same time.

The Mother Load...
ha ha ha ha ha!
For the last couple weeks,
I've had a list for every single day.
Keeps me on track,
and crossing things off is so satisfying!

A peek into my world...
I'm sure there are different varieties of trillium,
but the common ones around here bloom white, like this one.

Here's another one, nearby, that is a little bit "older",
and starting to turn pink.  I photographed this one over several days.


Monica said...

oh Julie! The nest is growing quiet. Mine is almost empty. It's a strange feeling to say the least. I never thought I would be "wondering around" trying to stay busy.
Love your Grasshopper Days! :)

Choate Family said...

It's a joy to finally experience your world firsthand instead of relying solely on your beautiful pictures! What a beautiful nest you have created, even as the "baby birds" begin to fly away.

Ann said...

Love the bee PSA!!! :)