Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Post In Which I Ramble

I like to read.  Books, blogs, lots of things.  And I'll see something I like and copy it out - you know - because I want to remember it.  Or because I intend to post it eventually.  So I toss it into my blogorandom file.  Along with miscellaneous things I think.

Tell me I'm not the only one.

Trouble is, it gets away from me.  Or time gets away from me.  Or both.

Time to whittle away at the file.  So, without much commentary, here ya go.

1.  We need our "real life" friends.  No substitutes.  But bloggy friends are great, too.  Some of my bloggy friends took pity on us, in our deprived state, and sent us chocolate.  Thanks Ann and Doug!

2.  Kerry and the boys are heading out for a Father-Son male-bondathon at the fair grounds.  I'm sure there's some sort of speaker (famous football player), but the boys are going because it involves Activities With Projectiles (archery, BB guns, etc.) and Kerry is going presumably because of the magic words - free and chili-dog.  I may be joking.  Or not.

3.  I love the burst of activity after a meal when all the boys are helping.  Washing dishes, putting stuff away, sweeping the floor.  They've learned to do this stuff, hallelujah.  Because, moms, if you're doing it all yourself you've missed your promotion.

4.  Gunnar has wanted a violin for about two years.  Musical instruments aren't exactly cheap, but with the tax refund coming, I've been looking.  And I can't figure something out.  I will spend two-hundred bucks on groceries that will be gone in days, but I am oddly reluctant to spend that much or less on a violin that should last for years.  Why???

5.  The boys are planning a party tomorrow.  For one of our rabbits.  We've had Podger for a year now, and in our house no reason is too small for a party.  :D  However due to my obviously unreasonable refusal to make a gluten-free wheat-grass cake (a la Bedtime Stories) which appeals to none but Podger, Tate took it upon himself to scour the property for early dandelions and has compressed them into a revolting brownish lump that could only appear delicious to a rabbit.

6.  I was going to say with warmer weather... but clearly, we haven't been having much of that lately (see yesterday's post), so let me rephrase that.   With the lighter days I think a lot of us northerners feel like we're coming out of hibernation.  You know, bursts of activity all around.  But, not being a java-junkie,  I'm still out of step with the local vibe.  Jeff Bezos says,  In Seattle, you haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it's running.

I may never catch up.

7.  And I close with this, from Wendell Berry,

Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.


Craig and Heather said...

Get the violin. It's worth it.
Watching our middle daughter was so much fun I bought one and have been trying to learn it myself.

melanie said...

Methinks rambly posts are so much fun.

And violin music is even better - HINT.


fyi, You can rent one here for ~$20/month (altho that was before our economy was overcome by stimulation...) You could require him to prove himself for a year, then purchase a better one (?)
We borrowed an ancient thing for our DD to start, then took the teacher along when we shopped for the potential "lifetime" instrument.
(oh, and said teacher is now your 'neighbor' in Kent =))

Good books and good music = Good food for your family!

Q said...

Violin - I got the girls cheapies from the link below so that if they were dropped or banged around I wasn't going to kill anyone.

Keep in mind that violins come in different sizes. The thing to consider is once you buy his size for now, you need to be ready to replace it in about a year.

Start cheap (in case the desire doesn't stick and/or in case he has a few bumblings) and increase in value and quality as he needs to increase in size.

If he's laid back in nature or likes to be a little different, ask him about playing viola. They're a precious commodity and often sought out. (I have one of each.)

Ruby said...

Yes, go for the violin. I often think of the comparison to a weeks groceries when buying larger items, too. It can seem ikey but then, no one wants to go without food for the week here either.
Love the rambly post and I do love your final quote!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I will get him something, just having trouble choosing when I know NADA. Meaning... am I getting ripped off, or is it a good instrument? I mean, we're in the market for a student violin, not a professional instrument - he's a beginner. But we want a real violin, not a toy.

Found a Cremona SV-175 locally for $150, with bow and hardcase. It's a 3/4, and he's been "sized" at a 1/2. Some people say no-no, it will be too big. Other people say, no big deal.

Those of you with experience?

The Squirrel said...

When my Dad died in 2005, I inherited his Gibson guitar. I played around with guitar back in high school, and I wish I'd stuck with it. Now that I have a guitar again, I'm toying with the idea of trying again.

If he has a hunger to learn an instrument, and it is possible to feed that hunger, I'd say "go for it!"


Felicity said...

My son's violin teacher said to get the correct size as it affects the playing position... I hired one until I could see the interest would last. I don't know about the States, but here instruments tend not to depreciate too much, making it a bit of an investment - you could always sell it again.

melanie said...

imo, he could try the 3/4 - But I would ask someone like Stefanie, who doesn't profit from selling you anything =)

I'll send you her email!

leah said...

A rabbit party sounds like fun - post pictures! I won't show them to Matthew, though, because he is begging for a pet bunny (not adding fuel to THAT fire, lol)!

I hope Gunnar gets to play the violin! Music lessons are expensive, but I think the violin is such a cool instrument (I once saw ta guy playing an electric violin - I never knew those existed, lol)!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

I can't tell you how loud I laughed when you mentioned "threading a sewing machine while it is running."

THAT is a LOT of coffee!

And per your initial request:


The dB family said...

We rented Beans' first violin. The money that went towards its rental in turn paid for her "new" one when she moved up a size. Now she's (over)due to move up a size again. We can trade this one in and use its trade-in value to pay for her (hopefully) last one for a good long while.

Spring has not really arrived here yet either. It's snowing here again. I'm firmly convinced we only have three seasons. There is no such thing as spring. We eventually just go from winter into summer.

I have a blogorandom file too. There's an awful lot of posts sitting in it right now.


Cathy M. said...

"Thread a sewing machine while running" too funny!