Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There Is No Charge For Awesomeness

I have to ask...  

is there anything more adorable than a nine-year-old trying to keep a secret?

Gunnar had a plan.  He couldn't work it on his own, so he got Tate involved.

And Daddy needed to take them somewhere.  On Monday.  And it had to be Monday afternoon.  And they couldn't tell me.  And it sounded like it might have something to do with Redbox.  (Cheap movie rental.  But it turns out it didn't.  Just something near a Redbox.)

Me:  But guys, we just had a Really Big Day yesterday, and you were all up pretty late, so are you sure this is a good plan today?

Gunnar: Mommy, it'll be great.  It'll be A Perfect Day.  Don't worry.  And what are you going to make for dinner?  And when?

Me:  We have a lot of great leftovers from yesterday.  (Which suits my energy level just perfectly.)

Gunnar:  Great.  So don't make it until we get back, because.... I'm not sure how long we'll take.

Me.  Alrighty.

That established, Gunnar and Tate proceeded to check with me about 20 billion more times on Monday afternoon about what I was making for dinner and when it was going to be, and how I should not make it until they came back. 

So it's not like I was suspicious or anything.

When they finally went on their mysterious errand, they were back in about ten minutes.  Before I could get to the door to meet them, Gunnar burst into the house and insisted he needed a snuggle.  On the couch in the living room.  (Out of sight from the kitchen.)  And checked again to make sure I hadn't started dinner.

He smelled delicious.  In fact, like pizza. ;D

Which he and Tate had bought with their own money.

So we enjoyed a fabulous dinner of Little Caesar's finest, and Easter chocolate.  And followed it up with a streaming Netflix movie.

I'm not sure if their insistence that it had to be Monday was influenced more by realizing I put a lot of work into hosting on Sunday and I was pooped (do they notice that???) or that Little Caesar's always has a special Monday price.  Hey, that they were aware of either of these is a good thing, right?! 

And how glad am I that their idea of A Perfect Day is so accessible.  ;D


leah said...

What a great surprise from the boys! I'll take Little Caesar's any day, lol!

It sounds like a wonderful night to me - pizza, a movie, and snuggles with the kids!

Ann said...

I absolutely love it! Way to go, boys! (Except that now I'm craving Little Caesar's, which I haven't had in ever so long!)

Q said...

Precious and thoughtful!

Felicity said...

That's really sweet! And buying it with their own money too...!

Anonymous said...

what awesome, awesome kids....way to go boys! Can I adopt them :o))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!!! ~ Tricia

Mrs. Squirrel said...

What a wonderful gift!

That is just soooooo cool!

-Mrs. Squirrel

The dB family said...

You have the sweetest boys. I'm thinking maybe we need to move into town ;o) -- not that my children would get why. What a perfect Monday!