Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Rest of the Story

Sure Kerry loves the science center, and sure he wants to help with the boys' education, and sure he wanted to give me a break for a day...

but the real attraction should be obvious ;D

Star Wars!
Note how carefully Wyatt positioned himself for the photo ;D

Yes, it was Grasshopper Nerd-vana!
 Kerry was thrilled and proud to release his inner geek, in all its glory.
Real models.  From the real Star Wars movies.
Like Luke's X-Wing fighter...

Luke's Landspeeder.
Oops.  With a wheel showing under the back.
Pretend you don't see that.

 Han Solo's Millenium Falcon.

 And costumes, too!

And to make it even cooler they linked the Star Wars displays
with exhibits featuring existing technology.
Here's Gunnar, driving a hover-car.

Wyatt, Gunnar, and Tate constructing Mag-Lev Trains.

Wyatt, trying his out.

Tate is building a Moisture Farm.
According to Gunnar, alternately you could put together the Mos Eisley Space Port,
or a Jawa Camp, complete with Tuskan Raiders and a Sarlac.

Wyatt and a Wampa.
 I think he was a bit disappointed at the size.
Apparently they used special effects to make it appear large in the movie.

Wyatt, again, building a Robot.

And, apparently, instructing it to do certain tasks.

Yes indeedy, a good time was had by all.  (Though I heard rumors of boys begging to be allowed to go eat their lunch, and having to pry Daddy Grasshopper away from the geek-tastic memorabilia for even a moment.) 

I know, I know, it's hard to believe that I could stay home and pass all this up for nothing but a few hours of peace and quiet.  And lunch out, with Gramma Grasshopper. 

But it's true.


Q said...

Oh yeah, build a Mos Eisley Space Port, but how long did it take them to make the Kessel Run?

Geekdom - HA! Oh goodness, I'm so glad mine are at the park right now, or we'd be on our way to the PNW for this. Will certainly be on the lookout should it ever come our way.

So glad you enjoyed it too - in your own peace and quiet/not there sort of way! :)

leah said...

I CANNOT show this to my boys. Matthew would die of jealousy! Oh, Star Wars - how my boys long to be Jedis!

And an hour or two of peace and quiet? Bliss! It sounds like a great day for EVERYONE!

Doug Hibbard said...

Great. Now if I preach on envy tomorrow I'll get hit by lightning for being an incredible hypocrite. Thanks a bunch.

Ann said...

Doug said I am to inform you that he is no longer speaking to you because he is just too green with envy right now and can't get past it enough to carry on. :-)

I told him we had a week to get up there. For some reason he didn't take me seriously.

(Of course, if I'm honest, I'll confess that I'm just as much of a geek as he is. I would have to have found another "peace and quiet" day!)


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well, don't be too jealous... maybe you can see it after all. It IS a traveling exhibit, but I don't know where it's going next. Ask Uncle Google?

Ruby said...

Every boy's (big or small) dream!

Felicity said...

My kids' reactions: "AHHH...COOL... AWESOME...WHY CAN'T WE GO THERE??!!"

I would've gone and enjoyed it too!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

Oooooo that has my geek-nature (not to mention my movie-geek-nature) dancing around in circles!

I love Star Wars! I wanna go, too!

However, since I can't...
for sharing it with us!

Maybe after church tonight, I'll pull out the DVD of the original and remember how excited I was to see the first one in 1977 (I was 10 years old... and THRILLED.)

Many thanks for reigniting the old flames for adventure & space travel :D

-Mrs. Squirrel

h west said...

THAT is totally awesome. And I love the first photo with the Yoda force pose. . .

The dB family said...

Lol! You my friend live in a very different world from me. The estrogen rules in this house, although I'm sure if there was an exhibit like this coming to our science center in Toronto, we'd be "forced" to go by Bub and the Engineer. So nice that you could relax at home and they could go out and release their inner geek :o).