Monday, April 4, 2011

Grasshopper Days 4-4-11

Grasshopper Days

For today, April 4, 2011

Outside my window...  wet, wet, wet.  And cold.  Spring?  ... pthpthpth

I am thinking...  have just been reviewing hunter safety material with Tate.  He had already read his assigned chapters twice, without me reminding him.  He's doing fine :D

I am thankful for...  a warm, dry house.  Mmmm-hmmmmm.

I am praying for...  my mom's health, work for Kerry and my brother, and peace in the house.

I am wearing...  blue jeans, black t-shirt, black sweater, socks and slippers.  Actually, I wear Crocs for slippers.  My feet are not happy in slippers/flip-flops (or barefoot for long) with no support.

I am creating...  starting some preliminary planning for next school year.  (Always more fun than finishing out this one...)  And for the summer.  Which is mostly science.  So much more fun to do science in the summer, especially when it involves birds and insects!

I am going...  to create a master reading list for next year - historical fiction and non-fiction to do with American history.  Suggestions?!

I am reading...  Heaven, by Randy Alcorn.

I am hoping...  making good progress on purging and tidying in my office, hoping to complete that this week.

I am hearing...  silence.  What are the boys doing???

I am remembering...  to be thankful for God's protection.  I left a candle burning at home when we went to my parents' for dinner on Saturday.  Oops.

From the learning rooms...  we're mostly on Spring Break, but are squeezing in one chapter of history (Korean War), some vocabulary work, and a bit of science.  We don't have to do it, but it will get us done earlier in June.  And who wants to be doing anything outside today anyway???  It's raining and 43F!  (That's 6C, for you metric friends.)

From the kitchen...  I promised to make our "Big Meal" for lunch today, as Tate and I will be gone this evening.  Hmmmm, maybe shepherd's pie?

Around the house...  piles of books, a hyacinth that needs to get planted outside, blankets and pillows near the heat vents (how the boys like to read), and legos all over the family room.

On my mind...  the piles, before me, on my desk.  It's progress, though!  Want to get a bunch of junk hauled away, when my dad (and his truck) are free, but not in this cold rain!
(Yah, I know.  Waaa, waaa, waaa.)

Noticing that...  the boys and I went through their dressers and closet again and have another HUGE load of clothes to get rid of.  And I only have about a half an inch on Wyatt.  He stood back to back with my mom on Saturday and he is taller.  Then he gave me The Eye, and said, 
You're next!

Pondering these words...  
Life is not an emergency.
(Ann Voskamp)

One of my favorite things...  short haircuts on the boys and Kerry.  Absolutely.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Tate has hunter safety class tonight and Wednesday.  Other than that, we're pretty "loose", being on Spring Break.

Here is a picture I am sharing...  
Okay, yes, it has warmed up a bit.  But it still feels like this to me!


leah said...

OOooo- choosing books for next year. FUN!

American Historical fiction: Johnny Tremain (I liked that book as a kid), Caddie Woodlawn (might be a bit young for the older boys), The Slave Dancer, The Captain's Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe, Sarah, Plain and Tall... I could go on forever!

Nonfiction: not written for kids, but Nathaniel Philbrick's In the Heart of the Sea is a riveting tale of the whaling industry and the real-life story of the Whaling ship Essex as it was destroyed by a whale. Moby Dick is based off this real-life incident. Might be too gruesome for the younger kids, though (cannibalism is involved for the men lost at sea).

An American Plague is about the yellow fever pandemic of 1793 (Newbery Honor Book).

Don't get me started on books. I'll never be quiet, lol!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

Thank God for His protection!

A number of years ago, our church should have been claimed to a forgotten candle. Considering the Christmas decorations, and other immediately flammable material, it was only by God's hand that the flame went out "on its own" with only minor damage to a window sill, a bit of wall, and a chunk of carpet. [The candle was lit on Sunday... and not discovered until Tuesday. WE WERE SO LUCKY. That was the last time we had burning candles in the church!]

-Mrs. Squirrel

[P.S. Yes, I very much like your Grasshopper Days posts. Thanks again for sharing it with me!]

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, thanks for the suggestions! We've read some of those books, but others are new to me... have to check them out!

Felicity said...

I wear crocs round the house most of the time! They're just so comfortable... I know they don't always look the greatest, but I'm alone with the kids most of the time... ;-))
Sorry I can't help out on the books side -- I can recommend some good South African literature though... ha ha.
i hope your spring comes soon - it at least feels like autumn today, and it's gloomy outside. I'm enjoying the break from the heat by feeling energetic!! Yeah!!

The dB family said...

Not to rub it in or anything, but despite the fact that it snowed here on Sunday afternoon, we had 18 degrees Celsius yesterday. Today it reached about 6 degrees C.

Sorry to read your mom is not feeling well. Praying that she feels better soon

I just read those words in Ann's book. Whew, what a fantastic book she wrote!

Hoping your week warms up!


Ann said...

Julie, have you heard of the "Christian Heroes Then and Now" and "Heroes of History" by Geoff & Janet Benge? They're put out by YWAM, and we love them! Sonlight uses some of them, but we've gotten hooked enough that we're trying to collect them all. There are quite a few that fit in American history.

Oh, and at least some if not all of them are in Amazon's "four for three" category.