Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pacific Science Center

I've felt like we were in a rut, lately, with our studies.  Maybe we all do, this time of year.  Just plugging along to get to the finish line in June.  So when Kerry suggested a trip to the Pacific Science Center the boys were all giddy-up-and-go.  Now, I like the science center myself, but when Kerry told me his motive for a trip Right Now, I decided a quiet day at home was even more appealing... you'll see why, later ;D  But in the meantime, here are a few of the reasons the boys love the science center.

The permanent insect exhibit is full of live creatures as well as models.  Large models.
Tate is about to be eaten by a giant scorpion!

Unlike the zoo, (where they ding you an additional two or three bucks) the Butterfly House at science center is just part of your day.  Tate was thrilled to have one land on him :D

Tate gets up close and personal with... something.  Python?
They apparently saw a live show featuring a large anaconda, but weren't allowed to approach it.
Be still my heart.

 Tate would've liked to hold this little guy, too.

Touch Tank!
This is fun, and full of local creatures.

Water Park!
Probably not what you were expecting if you're from a warm climate.  This water park is full of hands on activities with water.
Archimedes' Screw, an ancient water pump.

One of several water cannons, (with a restricted range.)

 They're shooting at the circles.
Gunnar has the backpack.  Tate is next to him, and Wyatt is at the cannon.
(Random boy on the right.)

 But the coolest thing of all is in the background, and has been shut down for years.
See the blue poles, holding up a blue ring, with what looks like an enormous bowl beneath them?
The bowl is a safety net for the bicycle.
Do you see the bicycle up on the ring near the walkway?
The bicycle has special 'wheels' (like train wheels) that fit onto the rail - the blue ring is a curved rail - and has a large weight that hangs down below to balance it.
You can actually ride the bike around the rail, like a tight-rope walker.
I've done it.
But they never open that anymore.  Liability, I suppose.
It's a fascinating balance experience.

Of course, the science center is huge, and awesome, and very, very hands-on,
and there is much, much more!

But here are all the signs that a good time was had by all... 

Wyatt, where are you?  Were you the photographer of the day?  Because you're not in many pictures.


Crystal in Lynden said...

We were there on Monday and we wore red too. Isn't that funny! I have yet to post pictures. I still trying to reclaim a routine after this last week.

Felicity said...

Looks great! Something my kids would love!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

How funny about the red shirts!

I did that on purpose. Even at their ages (14, 12, and 9), it's just easier to keep an eye on them in a crowd. Wyatt is WAY PAST thinking dressing alike is cute, but he doesn't mind if it's just a shirt ;D

Mrs. Squirrel said...

I went to the Pacific Science Center once back in the late 80's. Their theme was kenetic energy and it was an absolute BLAST to be there and play with the educational "toys."

I would love to go again someday :D

-Mrs. Squirrel

The dB family said...

This kind of learning is the best! I always enjoy the quiet ride home too :o).