Monday, May 2, 2011

Grasshopper Days 5-2-11

Grasshopper Days

For today, May 2, 2011

Outside my window...  dark!  Maybe I should call this one "Grasshopper Nights", since it's so late.  All is quiet :D

I am thinking...  about fear vs. faith.

I am thankful for...  being home with my family.  And that the boys got a bunch of chores done over the weekend - especially, getting the lawn mowed.  It's kind of crazy this time of year.  When the weather warms up the grass grows like it's on steroids, but it rains nearly every day.  You have to mow it whenever you get a (dry) chance.  And Sunday was glorious.

I am praying for...  my mom, my brother (new job!), work for Kerry.

I am wearing...  this is getting so redundant.  I realize that on Monday I don't often go anywhere.  After a busy weekend I like to get back 'in the groove' on Monday... at home.
So, yes, my not-leaving-the-house sweats.  Again.
Because I am class-eeeeee.

I am creating...  a baby quilt.  Fun!

I am going...  to bed, very soon!

I am reading...  ugh.  Gunnar's friends have gotten him interested in a series of books about cat warriors, but I have a sinking feeling they're quite new-age-y.  I let him start reading, but no more until I read it and give my opinion.  Not looking forward to reading about Thunderclan and Windclan... nor to the likely prospect of denying him the "pleasure" of reading the 50-some other books in the series.

I am hoping...  my mom has a lot of medical stuff going on this week and I am hoping (praying!) all goes well for her.

I am hearing...  blessed silence.

I am remembering...  must pay bills.  Tomorrow.

From the learning rooms...  positive and negative numbers, the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War (Israel), words with phon-, perimeters of irregular shapes, writing concrete/shape poems (Wyatt did a wonderful seagull and Tate - predictably - did a tank), the Vietnam War, more experiments with sound, texture with painting, Eric Carle-ish collages (I hope), finishing Sequential Spelling (!), and talking about phone courtesy.

From the kitchen...  had stroganoff, corn, and salad.  And shared (between the five of us) a forgotten bag of chocolate Easter eggs while we watched a movie - Secretariat.  Wow.

Around the house...  just sent 36 books back to the library, but should have another bundle to pick up later this week.  So RIGHT NOW the house is pretty tidy ;D  Although Gunnar has a love for taking things apart, especially with the handy-dandy tools on the wonderful Swiss Army Knife he got from Uncle Dave last year.  I've promised him a trip to the Goodwill for some cheap junk he can dismantle all summer.

On my mind...  chewing on a (recorded) panel discussion I listened to earlier today.  Lots of food for thought.

Noticing that...  Wyatt is getting SO TALL!  Had him back to back with my mom lately, and if they're not even, he's got a hair on her.  He squinted at me, and said, "You're next!"

One of my favorite things...  crossing things off the Mother Load.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  school, sewing, planning.

Here is a picture I am sharing...
 Spring may be late this year, but it's coming.


Felicity said...

Love the picture!
My eldest son has just passed me in height - he was extremely pleased about that!
I've just started Sequential Spelling and we're really enjoying it -- even my reluctant spellers...

The dB family said...

Spring is late here too. I mowed for the first time on Saturday which is not the norm.

Bub is the tallest in our family now and catching my brother soon. Speaking of Bub, he read some of those cat warrior books. Yes, they are new age-y :o(.

Praying that you and your family have a good and productive week. Continuing to lift your mom up in prayer.


melanie said...

You can guess why I removed the "I am wearing..." from my Daybook =)

Love the tulips! Stef posted pics of their visit to a tulip farm out there - lovely. And yeah, it was 22F according to the bank's time/temp this morning ~ Tim was sorry he called.

leah said...

I seriously needed that picture - it is so gloomy and dreary here, we've needed our lights on all day long!

Wyatt sounds like a tall one - I'm sure it won't be long until he passes you up in height! I have a feeling he's eating a lot, too!

I always wear jeans and a sweater or shirt - my fashion updates would be SO boring, lol!

Crystal in Lynden said...

Love the tulips! I missed going to Mt. Vernon again this year to see them in bloom. Next year....