Monday, May 16, 2011

Grasshopper Days 5-16-11

Grasshopper Days

For today, May 16, 2011

 Outside my window... gray and wet.  Again.  This has got to be the coldest, wettest spring I can remember.  And our gas bill (heat with natural gas) bears that out.  Sheesh.
Still, trees are mostly leafed out, and the cherry and apple blossoms are blowing all over town.  One of the main streets we drive looks like there has been a pink snow.

I am thinking...  I missed church again yesterday, after being out of town last week for Mother's Day.  My in-laws were coming over and I was running behind, trying to get a roast in the crock-pot before we left for church.  Might have made it too but, being an idiot, I hurried to peel the spuds and... dang, that new peeler is sharp.
Yah.  Really sharp.
In fact, I cut a chunk of the pad right off my left pointer finger.  And it bled.  And bled.  And bled.  For about forty-five minutes.  I wrapped it up in gauze and squeezed until my fingers were tired of squeezing, and then put a clothes-pin on it.  Kept setting the timer.  Sit in a chair.  Be still.  Elevate it above my head, while squeezing.  Five minutes.  Still bleeding.  Ten minutes.  Still bleeding.  Ten more minutes.  Fifteen.  Give it another fifteen.  Until it finally slowed down enough that I could let go.
Well.  That was exciting.  But not the good kind.
So I missed you all at church.  Meanwhile, the end of my finger is wrapped and taped in a big white blob, which I keep raised a lot of the time.  Consequently, I appear to be perpetually about to break out in a chorus of This Little Light of Mine, and typing is a bit of a challenge.  Every time I put that finger down I get extra letters... lots of editing.  *sigh*

I am thankful for...  had a good visit yesterday, the boys enthusiastically pitched in with clearing up and doing dishes and did NOT break any of the nice ones, Kerry is improving (still coughing, but better), and we have just four more weeks of school.  And testing, but that's no biggie.

I am praying for...  a friend's husband, Dominic, who apparently fell from a height and has a brain injury.  His wife and toddler are shuttling back and forth between here and Seattle, to be with him.  And she's about to have another baby.
Always praying for my mom and the treatment she'll be having for her breast cancer.  Praying she will be healed.

I am creating...  nearly done with the baby quilt.  Just have to bind it.  Pics when it's done.

I am going...  stay-at-home Monday :D  No major plans this week, but the boys have dentist appointments on Saturday.  

I am reading...  James Herriott, with the boys, and between books for me.

I am hoping...  the quietness I'm hearing isn't a bad sign ;D

I am hearing...  yes, quietness, hmmmm.....  And rain dripping.

I am remembering...  very, very strange dreams.

From the learning rooms...  onward with Algebra, finding the area of irregular shapes, and multiplying two digit numbers, (Wyatt, Tate, and Gunnar, respectively), words with dict, courtesy in the car, India after partition and Pakistan, Iraq and Iran and the hostage crisis, creative writing with Harris Burdick, and winding up much of our language work - yay!

From the kitchen...  lots of leftovers, hurray!

Around the house...  relatively tidy, but I just noticed an Easter decoration I forgot to put away.  Oops.

On my mind...  hoping it will dry out.  The boys have a mowing job to do for a neighbor and it has been too wet.  The grass is getting pretty long...

Noticing that...  such a little injury is SO ANNOYING.  (Like some cheese with that whine?)

Pondering these words...  
saw this on a friend - Mike Edsall's - blog -
Marriage is like a mismatched couple in a three-legged race.
The winners have learned to run in sync,
each limiting their freedom to maximize the effort.

One of my favorite things...  all the spontaneous hugs I get from the boys :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  not much, and I like it.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Tate loves to set up what he calls an Arrange.


leah said...

I always love the "pondering these words" that you pick out - they're always so thought provoking. I hope the quiet isn't of the destructive kind (quiet in my house almost always means something bad is happening, lol)!

I hope your finger heals - OUCH.

Q said...

I removed the same section of my finger a few years ago with a rotary cutter used for cutting fabric. Took all the flesh from the last knuckle to the tip of the finger right off. 6 hours in e.r., 2 losses of consciousness, 4 rounds of lidocane, 3 tries with the chemical pencil, and finally old school burn-it-shut cauterization. Those things bleed like child birth and are painful like I couldn't believe.

I vote you get to whine a little!

Love the quote and 'arrange'. Here it's called a, "Set Up". :)

Felicity said...

Love the quote!!
OUCH! for that finger. If I did that and it bled for that long I'd probably be heading for the hospital...(I'm a baby that way)
Hope it heals quickly and that your week is a good one!

Craig and Heather said...


That's where all of the nerve endings are. (sure I don't have to tell you that:) )

I sliced my right index finger to the bone once in that same spot. I've had my share of injuries, but that one takes the cake for pain. . .
Praying for you.


melanie said...

A ditto sort of comment:
Like the quote!
Ewwww...owwww about your finger!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Ouch, that peeler made my insides flip and hurt a little. And then I laughed at the thought of you breaking into song with your bandaged finger. Sorry. I know that is juvenile. Hope it's feeling better...I've done that before and it takes a while to heal. :(

The dB family said...

Ouch! Just reading about it makes me a little quesy. Yep, no nursing skills here. I hope it heals quickly and well. lifting you and your mom up in prayers this week.