Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look! It's The Sun!

Good golly, Miss Molly, for today at least, spring finally came.  We rushed accelerated through our school work so we could get out in it.  Wyatt and Tate got busy mowing the neighbor's lawn (two mowers), and that was a CHORE.  The grass was knee high, thick, and damp.  But they got it done. 

Meanwhile, Gunnar and I got a load of laundry on the line, did all the dishes, got all the garbage and recycling out, swept up, and then started on our lawn - he picking up cones and me mowing.  But when Wyatt and Tate finished the neighbor's I redirected them onto our lawn, while Gunnar and I mixed up chocolate chip cookies for a reward :D

Took a walk down into a neighborhood park and saw mallards, wood ducks, red-wing blackbirds, crows, and - the highlight - bald eagles coming and going from their nest, high in a cottonwood tree.  Gunnar and Tate have dubbed them the Regal Eagle family, and they do look very majestic.  But did I bring a camera?  Uhhh... no.

If the weather forecast can be believed, we'll have some more sunny days, and - *gasp* - temps possibly up to 68F.  That's a whopping 20C, for you metric friends.  Laugh if you want, but the last couple weeks have been in the 40s, so this is a Big Deal.  Well, now that you've waited patiently through a weather report, for a town most of you will never see...

I let the kids stay up late, eating chocolate chip cookies and watching The Gods Must Be Crazy, 2, and I am pooped.  So, pics of their big adventure... tomorrow.

I hope.

It's good to have goals ;D


Felicity said...

Oh my goodness - you watch The Gods Must Be Crazy 2?? Did your family enjoy it??
What other SA'n movies appear round your way?

Q said...

OMGosh, we're happy dancing because today we're looking at a high of 71. Cool weather, I'm almost tempted to break out the footless tights to wear under my skirt! :)

Hope your heat wave is lengthy and lovely!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sunshine again today :D

Felicity, we have the two-DVD set and have loved them for years. But I don't know any other SA movies. Can you recommend some? Maybe we can find some on Netflix.

leah said...

Sun? What is this sun you speak of? We might see it on Saturday - it was 48 on Monday and 49 yesterday. Matt keeps asking when "fake spring" will leave, so that "real spring" can arrive! It is supposed to be 70 on Saturday (sweltering)!

Chocolate chip cookies and THe Gods Must Be Crazy sounds like a great reward to me!

The dB family said...

Sun here today too!!! I've never seen such a dark and wet spring. Should I say I'm glad I don't live on the west coast? We have both movies of The Gods Must Be Crazy. They're great! Rest up :o)!


Felicity said...

Julie, I'm thinking........ the ones that first come to mind I'm reluctant to suggest because they can be a bit crude. Also, the humour is largely South African and might not be easy to follow (Lots of polictical and other inside jokes..)
I'll get back to you on this one.