Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good, Better, Best


Polly (or, the-rabbit-formerly-known-as-Poly) appears to be doing just fine.  Which amazes me, because if I'd cranked out five babies and all of them were DEAD I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be hopping around the very next day going, "Oooo!  A dandelion!  Yum!"  Which just goes to show that there are overlooked advantages to being of limited intelligence.  She also appears to be about half the size she was on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure that didn't happen to me after I had my kids either.

Coincidentally, one of our vocabulary words this week is anthropomorphize.  So there ya go.


Kerry saw the doc yesterday and he pulled out the big guns (prescription meds).  He's not fully back up to speed yet, but on the mend.  And back at work today, hallelujah.


My mom got good news from her cancer doc.  When they found cancer in the first lymph node that was bad, but they took out ten nodes and all the other nine were completely clear.


I know I'm oversimplifying, here.  That's not a guarantee of we're-home-free-nothing-bad-can-happen.  But we're praising God for good news :D

About the bunnies.  Some of you asked if we're going to breed them again.  I would really like to, at least once.  It would be a great experience for the boys.  The trick, of course, is finding homes for the little ones.

We'll have to think more about that.


Felicity said...

Oh Julie, you make me laugh! The way you talk about Polly.
Great news about your mom!

leah said...

I am catching up on blogs - poor little rabbit babies! I've heard/read that about several animal species. Thank goodness rabbits don't have good memories or cognitive processes! Anthropomorphize is a wonderful vocab word (I recently got into an argument with a friend, since she insists dogs are exactly like children).

I am SO glad about your mom! It looks like they got it just in the nick of time, praise the Lord!

Rachael Starke said...

Wonderful news about Mom!

And your point about Polly is well taken. As my husband's sainted grandmother was fond of saying, "Brains is a handicap."

Cathy M. said...

Glad to hear your good reports.

The dB family said...

Hooray, hooray for good, better, best! I will continue to keep your mom in my prayers. We'd love a bunny (shhh, don't tell Murray I said that), but somehow I think shipping would be a little scary :o).

Praising God for great news!!


Mrs. Squirrel said...

An uplifting post to be sure!

God bless & Godspeed