Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Cannot Explain

Well, boys in general.  But in particular...

You'd think I was trying to kill them, asking them to write a two paragraph summary of what we've covered in history.  Or getting them to write much of anything.

But in the thirty minutes I spent checking email and reading blogs before school this morning, the three of them jointly wrote a story.  Granted, it was not exactly a literary masterpiece, but GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY it was seven pages long!  In usual testosterzone fashion, it was an action-packed, globe-spanning epic.  There were the inevitable explosions and militant rabbits and battles and nuclear-whatever and odd runway vehicles.  And priceless gems, such as this:
The seats were tossed about, funneling Irish* Indiana Jones fans through the windshield into the Wiener-Mobile.  It crashed through the wall, Irish movie-goers clinging to all parts of the thundering hot dog.
But write about Indira Gandhi?  Or taxonomy?  Surely you jest.

* (No Irishmen were harmed in the telling of this tale.)

P.S.  Can I just tell you, in the midst of all the raw BOY-ness of their story, how adorable I find the way Gunnar uses the word presently?  He's been reading The Secret Garden again.


Felicity said...

All boyness considered, your sons seem to have an excellent command of language!

My boys react terrbly to writing assignments too - and then produce results that are more than satisfactory... Why they just can't do the job instead of acting out a tragedy first is anybody's guess.

Q said...

"Things I Can Not Explain" has weekly mother-of-boys meme written all over it!

dlefler said...

You have me cracking up! Wiener-mobiles and Irish Indiana Jones fans? I love it! Too funny!