Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Brain Dump

Well.  I was really hoping something fabulous and interesting would happen, but unless you count doing three loads of laundry and trying a new crock-pot recipe, I'm fresh out of fabulous.

Plain old ordinary will have to do ;D

1.  Two weeks of school to go, and I just got around to ordering tests.  Because it's really not important to me.  We do it to meet our state requirements (one of several options) and I have tried to minimize it with the boys, having been disgusted with all the hoop-la and anxiety surrounding testing back when they were in public school.  Completely ridiculous.  In the four years we've been homeschooling, I have yet to be surprised by any of their results.

2.  I'll have you know - why, I'm not sure, but I'll have you know - low temps are still in the mid-40's.  If this trend continues, I'm told, we'll soon break our record for the number of consecutive days the temp has remained below 70F (21C).  We're close to 250.  Since we're bustin' out in numbers, that's nearly 70% of the year.  The YEAR, I tell you.  We look like a bunch of pasty zombies.  What do you bet that at our next check-ups the doctor will be shocked - shocked - at how low our Vitamin D is?  Maybe he'd like take us all to Hawaii.  Yah.  I'll get right on that.

3. The quilt was a success.  :D 

4.  The boys and I just read Basher Five-Two Very dramatic.  Now on to humor... Here Lies the Librarian

5.  I was talking with a bloggy friend about the Little House on the Prairie books.  My grandma introduced me to them when I was in 1st or 2nd grade.  She told me she liked Farmer Boy best, and I figured it was because she was kind of a tomboy, like me.  But no, it was because of the food.  All those enticing, detailed, mouth-watering descriptions of food!  Did you ever notice that when you read the books?  Laura's family (not exactly the best planners, ya get the feeling?) scraped by on game meat, beans, and cornbread, while Almanzo started the day with a 10 course breakfast.  Which included PIE.

6.  Kerry just got another project - yay!  He is the self-proclaimed King of the Mall Food Court.  The same client he just worked with on a Mexican restaurant also wants to put in an Indian restaurant.  Bring it on.  And the boys are busy mowing, between showers.  (Of rain.)

7.  And oh-my-goodness the boys were just a bit excited after their first (visit) Civil Air Patrol meeting.  They can't officially join until the next intake in July, but were encouraged to keep coming to the meetings until then.  About talked my ears off that night and when I finally shooed them off to bed, promised to tell me the rest of the story in the morning.  And (imagine Tate's eyes, huge with hope) he was told by someone there that it IS possible that he could get into the Air Force, even with his hearing loss.  That is not what I've ever heard before about any branch of the military.  Can anyone who knows more confirm or deny?  This person may not have realized the extent of his hearing loss.  But, maybe in times like these... who knows.  It may be that there are certain paths open to him I didn't think possible.  And the thought that it wouldn't include combat is all the more enticing. ;D

8.  With the long daylight hours the boys have been up at 6am most mornings, and some mornings earlier.  Because, you know, those Legos don't just build themselves.  This morning Tate thought it would be a great idea to bring a bunny into my bedroom to greet me.  Before 6:30.  Um, no, thank you.

9.  And that concludes this week's brain dump.  We mowed the lawn!  We got groceries!  We did math!  *sigh*  I know, not everyone can handle this much fabulous, so try to contain your envy.


melanie said...

Fabulously hilarious! =) And now back to the party prep... (sure wish some of my faraway bloggy friends could come tonight!)

leah said...

I just re-read the biography on Laura, and I seem to remember that Almanzo's family was fairly wealthy (big land farmers in NY originally... though I might be off on that). And poor Laura's family ate turnips to survive while they lived near Silver Lake. Hard times! I won't ever complain about meatloaf again.

Bunnies in the bedroom before 6:30am are not always appreciated, ROFL!

leah said...

Oh, and I did find this - but it is on so I'm not confident of the accuracy:

Looks like the loss can't be greater than mild for applicants, since it can't exceed 35dB in one ear for 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz. I did see something else about a waiver, though, so perhaps for some applicants, there is a way around it...

Choate Family said...

I'm thinking the Solomon Islands would restore your vitamin D deficiency faster than Hawaii :-) and I LOVE your quilt! Maybe I should have another baby...

Ann said...

We're rejoicing today because our highs are only getting up to 80 while our friends in Montana are getting snow. It's amazing!

As for the Air Force, I hope that his hopes aren't raised and lowered like Doug's have been. His high school asthma diagnosis shot his hopes of following his father into the AF. He's been told several times there are things he can do, but then he's been told that the only way he can get in is to lie about his asthma. It's been really frustrating sometimes to have his hopes lifted and then crushed.

Q said...

SO happy about the quilt.

THRILLED about CAP and Tate's news.

TOTALLY envious of the fabulous!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the Basher Five-Two recommendation. Something my boys will enjoy too.