Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Something Going On With Blogger?

There are some of your blogs I can't seem to leave a comment on - depends on the format of the comments.  Q, that would be you, for one.  Don't know why.  I'll try something different later (safari, firefox, etc.)

If anyone from blogger sees this... when I click on 'leave a comment', at the bottom of the post, I can see other comments, but there is NO BOX visible for me to LEAVE a comment.



leah said...

Weird! I haven't noticed any issues lately, thank goodness. I hope things get fixed!

melanie said...

For No Apparent Reason is right!

Q said...

Yes, something's going on. I have a friend in CO who has been having similar problems.

Feel free to email if you need!

Ann said...

I just read a friend's blog that wouldn't let me leave comments, but then I wondered if she was just leaving the comment option off. I know that something has happened such that I can't leave comments through Google Reader anymore. I have to open the blog in a separate window to leave a comment. Strange stuff.

Felicity said...

I keep getting shuttled between the word verification and the sign-in page - over and over.... I hope this comment goes through.

Craig and Heather said...

You made me laugh. Seems funny to post a blog on blogger asking for comments about a problem with posting comments.

Just my odd sense of humor