Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brain Dump... and It's Not Even Friday

You know what I love about homeschooling? 

Hint: it's not teaching grammar. 

Taking a day off whenever I feel like it.  Which was yesterday.  Because the sun was shining, the birds were singing,  and I had projects on my mind.

That may sound like a lame excuse to some of you, who live in places where you take dry days for granted.  But we don't.  "Make hay while the sun shines" is more than a figure of speech in these parts.  (And if you're worried about us getting behind at our schoolwork, the forecast calls for rain, right through the weekend.  I think we can catch up.)

Well, now that we've got that out of the way...

1.  I canceled school yesterday.  Yay me!  I made the boybarians work, instead.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha...
I started to list all the chores I cruelly forced them to do, but figured you'd get bored.  It was a lot.  Suffice it to say they worked HARD at HARD jobs all morning and I treated them to McDonald's for lunch.  Don't judge.

2.  Neighbors invited us to the First Cookout of the Year, a few days ago.  And I'll tell you - I like campfires, but I hate smelling like them.  You?

3.  And it - the cookout - was kind of funny.  These neighbors are from California.  (And we like them!)  We sat on camp chairs in their backyard, roasting wieners on sticks, and she was bringing out blankets for everyone because it was cold.  Mid 40s.  And there sat one of her kids in a t-shirt, wrapped in a blanket and sitting on his jacket because "he doesn't like to wear it."  Son, you are not in California anymore.  She was saying how she wants to buy four of those gigantic outdoor propane heaters for her patio.  And one of the other neighbors looked at her funny and said, "Layers!  Ya gotta learn about layers!" and pulled up the bottom of his jacket to show her his layers.  You'll be glad to know I refrained from showing her the pants under my sweat pants.  But I thought about it.

4.  I'm oddly intrigued by some of the email spam I get, though I never open it.  Just today I was offered:
* Reasonable hotels in my price range.  *sigh*  If they only knew!
* Job opportunities in forensics.  Possibly interesting, but really, no-thank-you.
Compare forklift prices!  Dang.  I probably bought too high, didn't I?
Have Lasik done for $299!  Because, yah, I really want to go with the lowball bidder when I'm considering surgery.  On my eyes.

5.  We are beginning to finish things we've been working on this school year.  Yay!

6.  I made a giant crock-pot of split pea soup yesterday, and turns out there were only three of us here to eat it.  Oh well.  Leftovers are always a good thing.

7.  I've pieced a new quilt top and decided not to quilt it myself.  It's small enough that it won't cost much to have my friend do it for me and I really want it free-motion quilted.  Pics later :D

8.  My mom is probably going into surgery as I write this.  Today is her lumpectomy.  Please pray for her recovery - from the surgery and from the cancer.  Thank you.

That will be all.


melanie said...

All that physical labor is good for their brains, ya know ~ You wouldn't have to call it a day OFF, just a change in the lesson plan. Glad you had some sunshine to be productive in! (Grammar alert: '...sunshine in which to be productive!')

We've met a few people from CA that we actually LIKE too ~ Amazing?! ;-)

I'll be praying for your mom. Do check out T-Tapp ~ it's such a good way to move your lymph!

leah said...

I am saying a prayer for your mom: for a fast recovery and for the doctors to get ALL of the cancer. And for courage.

Physical labor is wonderful - especially when there is a Happy Meal at the end of it. Actually, with your boys, I suspect they eat more than Happy Meals now, lol!

Felicity said...

I had to laugh at the people from California... cos I'd probably be a lot like them!! We're so used to heat and dryness here that we complain when the temperature gets below 20C!! (No jokes) I think I probably have a lot to learn about layers too - when we were in England I just couldn't seem to dress right - I was either hot or cold!
Thinking of your mom..


PS McD is always a good incentive for my kids...