Friday, August 19, 2011

Clearly Something Is Lacking...

*  ... in my planning and organizational skills.  I came to this conclusion as I found myself, for the third morning in a row, at our local grocery store, where my boys are on a first-name basis with the Cookie Ladies Bakery Clerks.  I just needed some fresh produce for the impending weekend visit of my in-laws. 

That may or may not happen.

Because my SIL - who was a flight attendant for years - managed not only to miss getting on her plane this morning, but then turned around and went home rather than trying for a later flight.  She called Kerry and said, "I'm going to be a little late.  No big deal."  In this case late apparently means tomorrow.  Probably.  Soap operas don't have this much drama.

*  Well at any rate I have a tidy kitchen.  Jack (the goldfish) has a sparkling clean bowl.  All the aphid-infested-weeds Scotch Broom has been cut and piled to burn.  And the boys hosed off all the plastic lawn chairs they could find from the back of the shed, so nobody will be "accessorized" with cobwebs or mouse droppings just because they wanted to sit down.

*  And can I just pose a random question?  Why are manufacturers compelled to write "Unbreakable!" on their products?  Don't they realize that boys view that as a challenge?

*  In other news, the Liquid Fence appears to be working.  My sad, pathetic hydrangea actually has leaves on it!  Who knew?

*  The boys are thrilled because their best friends just came home from two weeks' vacation.  Not only do they have their friends back to play with, but we've been caring for their pets and they're being "paid' with Wii time.  GIDDY doesn't quite cover it.

*  Unfortunately they don't realize how much busier they're about to become.  We're starting to ease into school early this year.  We're 'paying it forward', so to speak.  Banking some schoolwork now so we don't have to do any on our vacation.

*  Yes, we're planning a vacation, which I can mention at least in vague terms since - cue the Hallelujah Chorus - we have HOUSE-SITTERS!  Can I just tell you I am thrilled about that?!  We have great neighbors who will keep an eye on things and look after our pets, but I really like having someone in the house, coming and going, picking up the mail, etc.

*  The vacation?  Well, I'll tell you more afterward.  This is the first road-trip we've ever taken with the boybarians and I'm hoping our van and our sanity can go the distance.  I may possibly have researched this trip more than I researched having our first child, so we're just a little excited about it.  Going to give Tate's National Park Access Pass a workout, going to spend a lot of nights in rustic cabins, and looking forward to meeting a couple of bloggy friends along the way :D

*  In the mean time we'll be plugging away at our school work, squeezing all the fun we can out of the last few days of summer (vacation), and marrying off my brother.



melanie said...

...hee hee...

I'm really hoping your SIL is not the appointed house-sitter... just sayin'

leah said...

Oh, have a wonderful time! I spend a great deal of time planning our vacations (OK, vacation - we've only taken one trip to Pittsburgh on our own, lol)! We're planning on driving to Myrtle Beach next Spring, and I just love vacation planning (I love getting cheap hotel rooms, haha)! I can't wait to see your pictures!

Abi's Blog said...

We just got back from Yellowstone - LOVED it!! Hope your Nat'l Park experience is as wonderful. We saw Lots of animals...and I really am going to post about it soon. :) So glad to hear your mom is through with radiation -that's great! Still praying for her...

Rebecca D said...

My weekend was so jam-packed I didn't even read this until now! The last few years I homeschooled I started early so we had a few weeks banked. The first couple weeks are difficult anyhow and I knew if all else failed by Spring we would be ready for a "spring fever" break. (That's an actual illness that plagues many homeschoolers every year... It can be an epidemic depending on the year.)
PS. I'm glad your kitchen's clean... come help with mine will ya?

The dB family said...

A vacation? What is that? I'm not sure I remember what one is? Ohhh! Can't wait to see and hear more about it!! We always started school early to go camping for a week after the rest of the world got back into routine. It was wonderful!