Monday, August 29, 2011

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For Today, August 29, 2011

Outside my window...  it's a dark morning.  Can't tell if it's heavy fog that will burn off, or real clouds.  Either way, there's a nice breeze rustling the leaves... leaves that are getting "rustly" because they're drying out and starting to drop.  Fall is just around the corner :D 

I am thinking...  it was good to be back at church yesterday, after missing for two weeks.  (In-laws here last weekend, and the week before we visited the church I grew up in - having their last Sunday in the "old" church before moving to a new site.  Kind of sentimental.)

But so good to be back at our church, sitting in our pew.

Which feels kind of weird to say... our pew.  But we're creatures of habit, and for a good reason.
With Tate's hearing disability, we like to sit right up near the front, with his me on his right (so I can whisper in his good ear, if need be), and he can hear the pastor directly as well as through the speakers, which cause distortion.

I kind of hope our friends know there's a method to our madness, and not just an insistence on sitting where we like.

I am thankful for...  the good shift in perspective after a morning in church!  While we are worried about many things (Luke 10:41) - economics, politics, etc - the Lord is on His throne
Pastor Bert went through some of the names God announces Himself by and what they mean.  Some I was already familiar with, some new, but such a comforting reminder!

God is strong, the mighty leader, the supreme deity, the creator.
The ALMIGHTY God, the 'king of the mountain' (kidspeak).
Everlasting, unchangeable, He does not grow weak.
Always present.  Always faithful to His covenant.
The sovereign, omnipotent, thrice holy commander of the heavenly host.
And Abba Father, our safety and security.

There.  Deep breath.

All is well.

I am praying for...  work for Kerry, continued healing for my mom, my brother's upcoming wedding!

I am creating...  plans and pillowcases.

I am going...  in circles.  *sigh*

I am reading...  The World-Tilting Gospel, finally!

I am hoping...  Gunnar is having a good time at a camp-out birthday party.
Well, duh, I'm sure he's having a GREAT time.  :D

I am hearing...  silence in the house.  Wow.  Wyatt finished his school work and went for a quick bike ride and Tate is doing something quiet.  This is a rare moment ;D

I am remembering...  feeling excited for school to start, as a child.  This is still the time of new beginnings to me.  A fresh start.

From the learning rooms...  just starting to get going.  

Gunnar is doing Italic Handwriting, Spelling Workout D, and Daily Grams, and that's ALL for this week.

Tate is cruising along with Italic Handwriting, Wordly Wise, and Pre-Algebra.

Wyatt is working harder.  He's also got Italic handwriting and Wordly Wise, plus Grammar and Composition, Writing Strands, Red Hot Root Words, as well as a Bible Study sampler (not sure how well we like this yet), and Sonlight American History.  He's really not used to reading three different books at once.  That's not what I like to do, personally, but since they all tie together in an integrated way with the history sequence it does make sense.  He's also filling in corresponding maps and a timeline.

They'll all be picking up more subjects next week as government school students go back to school.

I had to laugh.  A bloggy friend was writing about setting up a homeschool schedule for her (little) girls and was mildly apologetic about their BEING a schedule at all.  Seems like some homeschoolers, in their desire to avoid replicating institutional school at home, tend to go to the other extreme.
I left her a comment to the effect that there seems to be a mythology among homeschoolers that everything is supposed to be spontaneous and whimsical and joyful, and that learning always takes place naturally and it's all FUN.

All right, fellow homeschoolers, quit laughing!

Yes, we have fun.  We have joyful moments.  And sometimes we learn really well without traditional methods, by getting out of the classroom and getting hands-on and dirty.


But there's also a lot of groundwork that is (ahem) less than whimsical and delightful.
Yes, we learn grammar.  And times tables.  And spelling.
And it's not all butterflies and rainbows. ;D

From the kitchen...  hmmm, must think of something wonderful for dinner.  I'm feeling all fall-ish.  You know, stews, and crock pots, etc.  But we ought to BBQ a few more times first!

Around the house...  a bit of debris from yesterday's party.  Due to the visit from Kerry's family (not ONE of whom remembered his birthday - not even a card) we celebrated it yesterday with my family.  And with Kerry's special cake.  He must have Fiesta Cake.  That makes the party :D  Good thing he only has one birthday a year!

On my mind...  lots to get organized.  School starting, my brother's wedding, three birthdays, and a family vacation.  Yah!

Noticing that...  the sun is peeking through.  Maybe these clouds WILL burn off.

One of my favorite things...  new beginnings.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  preparations to make, yard work to finish, a kitchen floor that needs cleaning (yuck!), and everyone getting in the school groove.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Tate, at a CAP event, hamming it up.
I know it's not exactly a (technically) great photo, but it captures my boy :D


Deanna said...

I gave a talk last year to MOPS on photography and one of my main points was the difference between the technically perfect photo and the emotionally perfect photo. I gave some examples of my favorite pictures, which are in no way excellent ones, but bring up an emotion in me and tell a story. And for that reason, they are perfect.

Just like this one of your boy!

leah said...

I always think of September as the beginning of the new year - it is when everything really begins to "get going" and everything is new. I love this time of year.

I have several local friends who homeschool, and they get through all the "seat work" in the morning - times tables, grammar work, etc. It is so much more efficient because the work goes much more quickly than in a public school classroom - and they cover a lot of interesting subjects that aren't offered in public schools (her 8 year old takes French, which is really cool)!

melanie said...

'butterflies and rainbows' hee hee No kidding!

I'll bite: Tell me more about Fiesta Cake, please!

Felicity said...

I agree... it's not all butterflies and rainbows - and that's probably one of the hardest things to get over when you start homeschooling!
I love the photo of Tate - my boys would love to be there with him!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, Deanna, that's just what I felt!

Leah, we too try to get through our more difficult work in the morning and do more fun stuff in the afternoon. It really does take significantly less time to move the boys through their work without 29 other wiggly bodies to direct!

Fiesta Cake... I'll have to post it ;D