Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Brain Dump

I'm pooped.  I'm not complaining, y'know, just being honest.

1.  We gave my brother an early "wedding gift" - a day of labor.  Well, part of a day.  The five of us, my parents, and my sister spent most of yesterday at his house painting, cleaning, and doing yard work.  In other words, moving his bachelor pad in the direction of wife-worthy ;D

2.  Motivated by the progress there, we've been working some more in our yard.  Really exciting and exotic stuff like raking, picking rocks, filling a pit, etc.  I even pruned our out-of-control grape vine.  It's probably the wrong time of year to do it, but sometimes the right time is when you have the time.  And the motivation.  At the same time.

3.  Our weed-whacker is making me crazy.  Will.  Not.  Hold.  A.  Charge.  Maybe it needs a new battery.  Just bought a new one for the van.  *sigh*

4.  And what is up with me, starting all these chores, with all my laborers gone?  The boys are at Aunty Tami's until Tuesday evening.  Being a school teacher she has more flexibility in her summers than most folks, and always spends fun time with her nephews :D  Which means... 48 hours of kid-free time.  Woo-hoo!  (I mean, I'll miss them dreadfully and all...)

5.  Actually, I'll probably be too busy to miss them.  Between yardwork and housework, I'll be busy the whole time.  The in-laws are coming for the weekend.

6.  My mom has four more radiation treatments, and then DONE.  She's definitely feeling the effects.  Some radiation burns (like a bad sunburn) and just general exhaustion.  But her spirits are mostly good, and we're praying she feels back to normal in time for my brother's wedding, less than four weeks from now!  Prayers gratefully accepted.

7.  And if you feel so inclined, pray for Gunnar too.  Poor kid inherited my blood veins.  Or arteries.  Whatever.  The ones in his nose, that is.  The ones that are so close to the surface that they bleed.  Easily.  He'll get bloody noses if it's too dry.  Or if he sneezes.  Or if he picks his nose (let's be honest, he does sometimes.)  Or just for no reason at all.  Almost every day.

We are going to the ENT on Wednesday to see about having it cauterized.  The thing is, I have vivid and horrifying memories of having MY nose cauterized thirty-eight years ago.  It was that nasty.  They just put some silver nitrate (a caustic acid) on a Q-tip and smeared that on my nasal passages.  Felt like I'd been stung by hornets on some very sensitive tissue.

I'm hoping medical practice has improved in 38 years.



Q said...

Gads, praying over everything here! (Work, radiation, wedding, noses, etc.)

Yes, medicine has advanced a bit in the stop-the-bleeding department. I removed a chunk of my finger a few years ago and they tried a few easier methods before having to go to the blow-torch. Will certainly be praying that the easier methods will do the trick for Master G!

melanie said...

Yikes... my nose is going through sympathy pain right now! But my own sunburn complete with allergy rash can't compare to your mom's radiation ordeal ~ so glad the end is in sight!

Y'all are awesome in-laws! Your new (almost) SIL must be feeling doubly blessed : )

Cutzi said...

So, seeing as you've had experience with nose bleeds you may already know this - but maybe not, so I thought I'd leave it just in case. Steele gets them regularly also - especially at the height of allergy season. For all the same reasons you listed (ahem, picking). We started having him spray a saline mist in his nose every night and it really helped. I think he only had one or two this whole season - instead of the the 1 or 2.. or 3 he would get a week before. Worth a try maybe?

leah said...

Oh my goodness - I just read the newer post and had to go back to "catch up!" Poor Gunnar! He's a real trooper!

The dB family said...

You know you have my prayers!

Big hugs!