Monday, August 29, 2011

Fist Pump

Kerry and Gunnar are coming home late this evening.  And by "late" I mean after dinner.

Wyatt and Tate completed their school work this morning, did a couple of light chores, loaded Grampa Grasshopper's truck with a bunch of brush and branches we cleared, and I have let them have a mini "Dirty Jobs" marathon on Netflix streaming.  (I love that show.  Let me count the ways...)

With Kerry not here for dinner, I have fairly loose meal plans, but Wyatt and Tate appear at my side with this request:

Mom, can we pleeeeeaase make our own dinner.  You know, sandwiches, carrots, whatever.

I pretend to deliberate the merits of this request.  (Not seeing the downside.)

Well, gee, I guess I could let you do that.  Okay.

You know, as opposed to me actually stirring myself and cooking something.  Yah, that would be fine.


leah said...

I can't see a downside to their dinner-making skills, either! A night off from cooking is AWESOME!

I love Dirty Jobs. Have you seen the ostrich farm one? I think that is my favorite one, ever - I nearly died laughing!

Merrilee said...

Oh, thank you for the Netflix idea! I've got to start giving my boys more freedom in the kitchen, too. I think I just might start reading your blog, Julie. Maybe I'll even go back to writing in mine.