Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cascade Falcon XVII

We are coming down the homestretch and very excited to go pick up the boys tomorrow.  The tearful phone call(s) never came :D

All cadets were offered a free phone call home last night, so I got to talk briefly with both Wyatt and Tate.  Sounded exhausted and HOT - they're further inland and much warmer than we are here.  I noticed that many of the photos they've posted show the boys watering up, like this one.  (Wyatt is front, left.  Couldn't find any of Tate in the newest batch.)

I also found this description of what they're doing:
Cadets will participate in emergency services classes, homeland security classes, air force career classes, cadet program classes, and tours of fire stations and military aircraft/vehicles.  They will also work on their drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, physical training, uniforms, and barracks.  Not to mention learning the basic hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in this program.
Wyatt was more serious, while Tate was full of enthusiasm.  They both commented on how much yelling there is, but they're handling it fine.  Tate was even joking about it.  "Mom, it's kind of funny because they've yelled at us so much they're losing their voices, so now they try to yell at us and they sound like this (imitation)."

I can't imagine drilling and running all day in those heavy BDU's, but they're doing it.  They may not enjoy getting up at 5ish for PT, but it's a lot cooler then.

Can't wait to see them :D


Rebecca D said...

Running in the hot sun in heavy clothing? No thank you!!!

I nominated you for a blog award on my blog...

melanie said...

They are getting a good taste of the dedication it requires to be a full-time soldier! Even 100F is nothing compared to the desert heat in the MidEast :o
And the character it builds will serve them in any future occupation. Awesome opportunity for them! {Well done, parents!}

Q said...

I just love the fact that you and Tate were on the phone having what sounds like a clear conversation! :)

TRS said...

Off topic... I have a quilting question for you. I think I found the pattern/ style for making the quilt from my dad's shirts... need some details.

Shall we do this via email, FB or something?

TRS (kimberly's friend)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

TRS, I left my email in a message at your blog :D