Friday, August 3, 2012

A Friday Brain-Dump

Yes, yes, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

1.  Well, it's summer.  At least it's supposed to be, and judging by the lack of me getting absolutely anything useful done, it must be.  But we're going to the lake, later today, so that counts, right? :D

2.  Anybody else miss Reagan?


3.  It's starting to hit me that these boys of mine are young men.  And two of them are going off to Basic Encampment (ie Boot Camp) in a week and I'm not sure I'm they're ready.

Well, at least this one is staying home :D

4.  So I'll distract myself with my good friend, Erma Bombeck.

I've exercised with women so thin that buzzards followed them to their cars.

It goes without saying that you should never have more children than you have car windows.

What's with you men?  Would hair stop growing on your chest if you asked directions somewhere?

and, one of my favorites,

Sometimes I can't figure designers out.  It's as if they flunked human anatomy.

5.  Need an insult?  Try Shakespeare.  Thanks Q.

6.  Driving myself nuts.  Again.  Christmas.  It's only 141 days away.  You're welcome.

I have great intentions, y'know?  I'll save money by making some of the gifts.  But my mad sewing skillz don't exactly thrive under pressure, and that's what I feel by the time Thanksgiving approaches.  So... this year will be different.  (You've never heard that before, have you?)  I'll get started early.  Right.

It's just a bit hard to get motivated when the sun is finally out and the lawn is overgrown.  Sew?  Or mow?  Make a gift, or go to the lake?

7.  Don't stay up too late.

8.  Summer brain is taking over.

9.  And, though I would hate to live there, love this pic of Seattle at night.

No, I didn't take it.  I've seen it all over and I think it came from KOMO news.


Felicity said...

Just out of interest: Why would you not like to live in Seattle??

I love Shakespearean insults! My sister in the UK has a little book called 'Insults From the Bard'. I so wish I'd bought one for myself when we were there in 2009!!
My kids enjoyed the book 'The Wednesday Wars' - have you read it?

Enjoy your time at the lake - and hope the boys enjoy boot camp.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

HI Felicity :D

There's nothing particularly bad about Seattle, I just don't like big cities. I love that we're in easy range of Seattle and Vancouver but don't have to deal with the crowds and traffic on a daily basis.

I'd forgotten The Wednesday Wars! I've read it, but I don't think the boys have. Thanks for the reminder!


dlefler said...

Boot camp! I hope they have a good time. How can it be August? This summer is flying by! The picture of Seattle is beautiful. I am of the same opinion, though - I love to visit cities, but wouldn't want to live there - too noisy!

I love the Shakespearean insults. Those are clever!

Ruby said...

I have five brown/ green eyed grandchildren and one little bonnie blue eyed boy. He is affectionately known as the blue-eyed barnacle, which sounds really cool if you say it like a pirate!

Re Reagan: Juvenile crime has reached alarming proportions here and personal accountability of kids is a thing of the past. No wonder the next generation are staying so immature into their 20s and 30s. All care, no responsibility. :-)
Enjoy your time with your "baby"

Rebecca D said...

I am posting the list of insults on the fridge... We could stand a little more creativity in our fights around here! (Kidding... Mostly.) Seriously though... Barbs from the Bard!

I also have summer brain... I need a serious dose of productivity! (Maybe next month!)

Felicity said...

:-D I was just wondering..

For the most part I don't like big cities either. Pretoria is a not-so-big city, and that's why I love living here. I go into the city centre 2 or 3 times in a year, so I don't have to worry too much about too much traffic or crowds. We just live in the suburbs and that's great.
Johannesburg is a different story! I loathe the place!! I would never go into the city centre anyway, but even approaching it on the highway makes me feel depressed. There's this layer of smog over it, and just a strange, depressing 'feeling' about the whole city.

Somehow I LOVED London though... Go figure ;-)

Ann said...

I'm with you about big cities. Put me close enough for the convenience, but give me a small town to live in any day!

And Thanksgiving will not sneak up on me this year either. Nope. Not at all.