Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweat. Swim. Repeat.

We've had a little heat wave, here in the Pacific Northwest.
Hold your laughter, my southern friends, because we've been sweltering up here in the 
which is just about more than I can bear without submersing myself in cool water.

So that's what we did.

We went to the beach.  Friday.  Saturday.  And again, today.  With friends.

That's Grandpa Grasshopper, snoozing in the lawn chair.  And a couple of our "Wolf pack" friends.

Gunnar absolutely cannot believe that I spent my entire childhood simply opening my eyes underwater. You know, in the clean, clear, fresh water of the lake.
Goggles are clearly The Way To Go.

I'm completely baffled by the purpose of squirt guns when everyone is already soaked from head to toe, but... you know... I'm over 40 and my chromosomes match, so what could I possibly know?

Wyatt wanted a long paddle for his birthday.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Grasshopper!  We don't have an actual paddle board, but he's making do with Kerry's old windsurfer board.

And doing a fine job of it!  That boy has balance.

It's just so much more fun to go to the lake with a bunch of friends.
(I only see six of the seven heads I kept counting, but that's not bad, right?)

Kai didn't like rough-housing with the bigger boys, but he loved paddling around on the boogie board.

Luke approves :D

Jan is waiting for the canoe, I think.

Gunnar and Rafe. 

I'm so relieved that all my boys are reasonably good swimmers now.
They may not have style, but they can stay afloat and get from here to there.

Because, the thing is, the bottom of the lake slopes gradually to about the end of the dock, and then...
... the abyss.
It's kind of like a fjord.
This part of the lake is over 300 feet deep.
In fact, the lake is about 314 feet above seal level, but 328 feet deep.  Interesting, yah?
So I kind of want the boys to stay up at the surface.

There was a lot of this.
(See the squirt gun?)

And a lot of this.

And possibly even more of this.

 Which is par for the course, with a bunch of boys.

But you know what made the day totally awesome?
(Besides coming home with all the wiggly bodies I left with?)

Look closely.
Tate is wired for sound.

Tate is showing you the completely waterproof magnetic headpiece.
The wimpy little headband that came with his gear (to hold the headpiece on when he does active things, like jump off the dock into the water) wasn't quite up to the task, but this Buff Headband works great.

He wears the processor in an armband, like an ipod.

Isn't it cool looking?
And, did I mention, waterproof?!

And not just waterproof, but submersible?!

Which means that Tate can do all his favorite things...
and hear!

Can you see the huge grin on his face?!

I mean, sure, he always had a great time at the beach, even before he was implanted.
But this time, he was much more connected.
Even it it was hearing his brother threaten him with bodily harm for tipping him over ;D

He's just one of the guys.
Having a great time.


Felicity said...

Oh that's awesome!! I can't believe they can make stuff like that completely waterproof and submersible!!
The lake looks wonderful too. Any body of water round here is either muddy or toxic... :-(
I love being around water - sailing is something I've always wanted to learn to do. Someday... ;-)

dlefler said...

What a great time! I always remind our Southern friends that while 90 degrees may not seem hot to them, we do NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING! It definitely changes the game! I grew up in the desert of Southern California, and that dry, 100 degrees with air conditioned houses was nothing compared to the swelter of a 90 degree day with 80% humidity and no a/c!

Also, I know envy is wrong, but I'm sort of envious of Tate's awesome Neptune. Hearing in the water - I love it!

Q said...

That looks like so much FUN!!!

We're going to hit 110 on Wednesday. I'll be dreaming about your lake!

So happy for Tate, yes, that is a different young man than the one in previous lake pictures.

As for water guns in the lake, I only have two words that could possibly improve on that.

Paint. Ball.

He he he!

Doug Hibbard said...

Your hot day sounds like early fall around here :)

Ann said...

I may be from the south, but I still agree - 87 is hot. And it's perfect for swimming! I need to take the kids swimming. We haven't been in a while and they've been begging, but around here most of our swimming water is bath water temperature this time of year. Ick.

Choate Family said...

I have to agree with Ann! Aren't you glad God made lots and lots of different kinds of climate (and people to enjoy them)?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I like to visit other climates, but I really like having four distinct seasons.

And Leah, you are SO RIGHT! I know it's not really that hot here (got to 91, I think) but we have no air conditioning.

But the lake... the lake is my SANITY :D

Rebecca D said...

I could use a few days at a lake... I need to plan that right away...