Monday, August 13, 2012

Cascade Falcon

It's finally here.  Wyatt and Tate have been looking forward to this for nearly a year.

Boot Camp.

Barracks.  Drilling.  MRE's.  Screaming drill sergeants.  Oh-dark-thirty PT (physical training).

(What?  That's not your ideal vacation?  Mine either.)

Saturday morning, bright and early, I delivered them to their drop-off point, hugged them goodbye, and watched them drive away.  I've heard from more than one parent about the tearful phone calls, about two or three days in.  This is not Boy Scout camp, y'know?  They are really tough on the kids.  But if they can stick it out for the first half of the week, they have a lot of fun the second half.  Things like touring the flight museum, doing the obstacle course, flying in a C-17.  Lots to look forward to!

Still, my mama-heart worries.  Just a bit.  But, to my surprise, I discovered they have a website with pictures!  But how to find MY BOYS in a sea of so many uniforms?

No, (those are girls).


Not there, either.

Aha!  I immediately recognized our custom, home-made garment bag.
Here's Wyatt, being directed somewhere.

And Tate :D  I put the bright green color-cap on his headpiece because I want it to be very noticeable.
I want his leaders to remember that there's a difference between not listening and not hearing.

Wyatt is in this group of boys, near the back on the right.
He's visible because of his greenish-yellow waterbottle waist-pack.
(Like Tate's red one, above.)

And I think that's Tate, in the rear, center.
I can see a wire from his head-piece to his processor.  Yay!

And Tate again.
I picked him out right away, and confirmed it when I saw his HA.

Tate is in this one, too, in front of the barracks door.

And, oh boy, they are learning about barracks inspections, I'm sure.
Tate's in the back.
And something here gives me hope... it's the fan.
I noted on Tate's application forms that he needs access to an outlet to recharge/dry his hearing devices at night.  The barracks are kind of old, and not exactly blessed with an over-abundance of outlets, I was warned, so I sent him with two extension cords.  But where there's a fan, there's an outlet.  And he looks to be near it :D

Wyatt is second from right.  Oh boy, there were quite a few photos of these guys getting yelled at!

I can almost hear the, "Yes, Sergeant!"

Not sure what they're reading, but probably the Cascade Falcon SOP.  Tate, second from right.

And here's Wyatt, learning an invaluable military rule...

... we don't walk, we run.

And I think this is Tate's group.

Same lesson.

And guess what?  Oh-dark-thirty PT!  Wyatt is on the left.

I can't pick the boys out in this photo, but I'm sure they're in it.
Looks to be Sunday morning chapel :D

Before they drove away, Saturday morning, the major pulled the moms aside for a pep talk.  You know, about the teary phone calls and all.  But he said something that warmed my heart.  Every day they offer each cadet the opportunity to meet with the chaplain.  That may be lost on some of the cadets, but could be a great source of encouragement for mine :D

If I could only hear what's going on in all those pictures!


melanie said...

They are ALIVE : ) yay!

Rebecca D said...

It is so cool that your boys WANT to do this... This is not a cushy summer camp or like so many boys these days who just want to be left alone so they can play their computer/video games... Your boys are in the process of becoming men and as someone who raised daughters I think I can speak for mothers of daughters everywhere when I say, that is always nice to see!

Felicity said...

I don't think I could handle this... good on you for being so strong!!

dlefler said...

Oh, wow - what an experience for the boys! They get to learn a very important lesson, too - that doing something really hard and sticking with it yields great rewards. I hope they enjoy flying in a C-17 and doing all the other cool activities at the end of the week!

C/SAmn Schick said...

Oh, that was fun. Cascade Falcon XVII Was AWESOME!!!!