Monday, August 20, 2012

Congratulations, Polly :D

When we acquired our rabbits, we thought we were buying males, but Mother's Day of last year we got a surprise.  The boys have been wanting to breed the bunnies since then, but I put them off until this summer and until they talked it up with friends.  Assured of homes for three or four potential kits (baby bunnies are kits) we went ahead.

Of course, the rabbits are enthusiastic (and - frankly - kind of comical) about the breeding, but there was no way to be sure they were successful until just recently.  Not only did Polly appear quite a bit larger than Podger, she began pulling fur and nesting.  Before Wyatt and Tate went off to encampment I instructed them to build a nest box, which they began, until we noticed a high-quality, prestigious dish tub just the right size and decided to simplify ;D

And... ta daaa!

Tate was thrilled to discover babies this morning!

Four, wriggling, wiggling, warm, cute (in a baby hippo sort of way) babies.

Tate found one rather large one that was cold.  He warmed it for quite awhile, but no movement.  I wonder if, being kind of large, it took too long to be born?  Or maybe she had it first and didn't warm it?  We'll never know, but one didn't make it.

And we have one probable "peanut", that may not live.  Breeding animals is not for the faint of heart.

But hurray for four apparently healthy babies!


Ann said...

The kids loved this!!! We really do need to come live next door so my kids can come visit your bunnies! :-)

Felicity said...

Sorry about the big one and 'peanut'... but I didn't know exactly what baby bunnies looked like...

We had German Shepherd puppies once - 10 of them... two died... so yes, not for the faint-hearted. :-(

Magic Ear Kids said...

Aw! How cute in such a hairless sort of way!