Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Yah, sure I'm a stay-at-home-mom.  (Which makes about as much sense as baby sitter.  Did you ever see anyone taking care of little kids who got to do much sitting?  But I digress...)

Today I'm a SAHM that feels a lot more like little Billy, from Family Circus.

If you could see my footprints today... good grief!  So, for your entertainment, here is a day in the life of a SAHM:

  1. Home - good morning!  Finish school (for the year) for Tate and Gunnar by 9am - woo-hoo!
  2. Credit Union (bank) - cash check and exchange a pound or two of quarters from homeschool sale last weekend
  3. Value Village - drop off two boxes of homeschool sale leftovers that aren't worth the effort of trying to sell and/or ship.
  4. Costco - be at the door when they open to avoid the hordes that cross the border to shop here.
  5. Walmart - desperately need to replenish a few grocery items and Liquid Fence - a disgusting and pungent aromatic blend, with notes of half-digested garlic, rotten eggs, and foot odor that has thus far managed to protect a few plants from the deer.
  6. Home - repackage and freeze two bags of chicken tenders, four pork roasts, and 20# of ground beef.  Clean the counter.  Clean it again.
  7. Little Caesar's - two pizza's, ten bucks.  Feeds three hungry, growing boys and two adults.
  8. Home - eat.  Brush teeth.  Definitely.
  9. Doctor's office - Wyatt passed his flight medical and is the proud possessor of a Class 3 Student Pilot's License.  Woo-hoo!
  10. Home - do a few dishes.
  11. Lake P Park - Wyatt is meeting his team-mates at the site of next week's triathlon.  They're doing it as a relay and need to scope out the route and strategize.
  12. Home.  Breathe in and out :D
  13. CAP - deliver boy(s) to CAP.  Pick up SOP for Gunnar so he can begin memory work, preparatory for joining next month.  Next month!
  14. Hardware store - Kerry needs a new saw blade.  And apparently a book.
  15. Grocery store - I need cabbage and green onions for a salad I'm making for the party this weekend.  And yes, it's my birthday too ;D
  16. Home.  For real.  I begged Kerry (actually I didn't have to beg) to pick up the boys at the end of CAP tonight, as I think I'll be in bed before they're home!
And now, to watch an episode of Dirty Jobs with Gunnar, and then TO BED!


dlefler said...

Honestly, I don't think any SAHM actually "stays" at home! I am actually home today and am working like crazy to get the house clean since the rest of the week will be crazy.

Congratulations to Wyatt on his pilot's license! That is very cool (and a lot of hard work)!

melanie said...

Just another day at the {mobile} office for you ;-)

Yay! You remembered the dr. appt -- and he passed! Bon bons and ice cream for all! Congrats to Wyatt!

Looking forward to fresh berry season too. We have harvested about 4 strawberries so far from our own patch. But they are/were 4 very lovely and delicious berries!

Choate Family said...

Looks like a "normal" day. Isn't it a great job to be a SAHM?!? Best occupation in the world, and the benefits are priceless :-)