Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Showers of Babies

At some point many years ago, probably when all the boys were little, I decided it would be fun to learn to quilt.  Someday.  And a friend of mine decided that someday sounded too far off and talked me into taking a beginner quilt class with her.  So glad she did!  

I discovered that for all my domestically-impaired tomboy ways, I really like quilting.  I think it has something to do with the fact that's it's a kind of bringing order (piecing the quilt top) from chaos (piles of fabric), and a lot to do with the fact that I can do something and it stays done.  Yah, I think that second part is huge.

And now that I've acquired some basic skills there's another benefit - it's really fun to make gifts!  And with four chapel babies due this summer... well, I had a lot of fun :D  We celebrated the first two of the babies at a shower this evening.

My friend Hosanna knew she was expecting a little boy.  I'd been wanting to try a Jacob's Ladder block and had some gorgeous turquoise in my stash.  My neighbor handed me some speckled blue and they paired together beautifully.

Once again, I've spared no expense on my display apparatus ;D
I haven't made many quilts with a traditional quilt block, so this was fun.  It's actually made of sixteen blocks, rotated in different directions to make the pattern.

I backed it with the speckled blue and pieced a striped binding.  I love the way it looks, but it was kind of a pain to hand-sew the binding on with all those seams.  Have to remember that for next time.

Oh, that turquoise just sings to me, and I have a bit left :D  It's funny, although blue is a cool color, that turquoise feels warm to me.

My friend Danyale - Hosanna's SIL - knew she was having a girl. 

Sewing for girls isn't exactly speaking my native language if you know what I mean.  So I used some bright, primary colors...

... and decided to try something very non-traditional, with raw edges...

... and lots of big, bright, happy color.

I think this one would actually be a good wall-hanging, but I hope it gets used.  A lot. :D


Crystal said...

Beautiful quilts!

melanie said...

You and your quilts are just amazing! LOVE them.

Definitely the "done" factor with sewing. I promised Molly we would sew baby blankets while the older kids are gone, but first we must make order out of chaos in the sewing room! ;-)

Q said...


The dB family said...

They are both beautiful!! I struggle with quilts -- especially the finishing. I avoid hand stitching like the plague. You've inspired me to get back at it though.


Ann said...

How I love those! And, for the record, the homemade quilts given to me at my baby showers continue to be some of my children's favorite blankets!

Ann said...

I love the quilts! And, for the record, the homemade blankets and quilts I received at my baby showers are still some of my kids' favorite blankets!