Monday, July 1, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, July 1, 2013

Outside my window...  it's hot.  Well, hot for the Pacific Northwest.  And here's the thing.  The first week or two of hot weather, all the rain from the past few weeks comes steaming up out of the ground into an oppressive humidity.  Right now- about ten in the morning - the temp is nearing 80F and the humidity is already nearing 70%.  Fun (eyes roll).

Hearing...  fans moving the air around, and otherwise a quiet house.  The boys are heading up to the neighbor's house to mow (ugh!) and Naomi is napping.

Pondering...  what to do to beat the heat today!

Praying...  for my friend with the preemie baby - all going well, but still a long haul.  Mom is home but baby is still in the hospital.

Thankful...  to have my niece here for the week :D

Wearing...  blue shorts, blue tank top, flip flops... as little as is decently possible ;D

Creating...  too hot to sew - ugh.

Going...  to clean the kitchen floor.  It didn't seem too dirty until a baby was crawling on it...

Looking forward to...  4th of July - the boys love it so!  (Okay, they love explosives.)

In the kitchen...  nothing hot!  BBQ?

Around the house...  baby toys, gates, and creative arrangements of furniture to thwart access to forbidden zones.

The Mother Load...  mostly suspended while we have the baby.  She IS the Mother Load.  But also, getting Tate ready to go to his CAP airshow week.  Fun for him!

Noticing that...  I could really use a nap.  Did NOT sleep well last night (hot).

Something fun to share...  Naomi really tries to say Gunnar's name.  Sometimes it's "Gungun" or "GuhGuh" or "Gullahgullahgullahgullah" but she means HIM.  Oh boy does her face light up when she spots him :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  watching the baby, I'm sure that will include lots of Grandpa and Grandma time :D  And the annual 4th of July BBQ/potluck and fireworks at our friends' farm.  Fun!

A peek into my world... 

Missing Tate (filling his plate) and Kerry (taking the photo) from last night's dinner.


Felicity said...

Nice to know it's warm there!! ;-)
"Gungun" sounds so sweet! Nathan used to call Eden "Dindin" and later on "Dinner" :-D
Enjoy your day on the 4th!

Mrs. Homesteader said...

Oh, I hope that heat isn't headed to the midwest! We are having such mild pleasant temps right now. I am sure we will pay for it later. Hope you have a great 4th!