Monday, July 22, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, July 22, 2013

Outside my window...  cool today, but I love the breeze and - once again - the laundry flapping on the line :D

Hearing...  the boys mowing and weed-whacking up at the neighbor's, leaves rustling in the dogwood, and now - overpowering everything, at 90 decibels - the washer spinning.  Good heavens, we were told last fall that our washer wasn't long for this world, and I thought I might be getting a new one for Christmas.  But by the grace of God, it's still limping along.  Just loud, REALLY loud.

Pondering...  my seventeen year old is packing up to leave for Desert Eagle Flight Encampment this week, can you believe it?  They'll be flying Cessnas (I think he said 182s?) and he may even get to SOLO.  I guess I'm ready for this!

Sunglasses are surely necessary for flying ;D

Praying...  for Wyatt, for my friend's preemie - home and doing well, and for work for Kerry.

Thankful...  for ordinary moments like this.  Wyatt is showing them a couple of scenes he's filmed.  He's making a stop-motion Lego movie, with his brothers' help.

Wearing...  Wyatt asked for a larger back-pack, and my folks' mentioned that they had a few and would pass along a good, used one to him.  Little did I know it would be MY old Kelty!  Still going strong after 30+ years.  I think it looks good on him ;D

Creating...  looking for motivation!  Actually, I have a quilt cut out and about half-pieced, but sewing loses its appeal in warm weather.  Part of it is the PNW mentality.  We have so much rain, cloudy weather, and darkness through the fall and winter that we feel guilty being inside when the sun shines.

Going...  to get lunch on the table as soon as the boys finish mowing.

Reading...  um... I have two or three books I'm mid-way through and need to finish!

Looking forward to...  enjoying the six weeks of summer we have left :D

In the kitchen...  leftovers from yesterday's party, and thinking of what to make for our last family meal together before Wyatt goes.

In the learning rooms...  * crickets *

Around the house...  Gunnar is just now old enough to join CAP, but not able to participate in any of the big summer events that his brothers are doing, so he's spending more time at home with me, and I'm enjoying it :D

The Mother Load...  the office.  Must deal with it.  Again.

Something to remember for later...  for the last few years Tate has been kind of self-conscious about smiling for pictures.  If he thinks about it too much he gets a kind of goofy grin, so he's been smiling with his mouth shut.  But if you can catch him in a candid shot, he has a great smile.  Grandma took this photo (and the others in this post) and showed it to him.

His response?  I think I've finally mastered the art of smiling with my mouth open.

Yep, I think he's got it :D

Something fun to share...  Not to mention that glorious dimple AND a set of teeth that may be the ONLY ones in the family not to need extensive orthodontia.

A favorite quote for today...   No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don't need none.

One of my favorite things...  somebody flirting with me at lunch :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  getting Wyatt packed up and off to flight encampment, maybe another day at the lake or two :D

A peek into my world...  the infamous farting lemur birthday card, bound to have a long place in family history.

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The dB family said...

Oh no! A farting lemur? That would be a hit in the predominant girl house too. Don't let all the pink and dresses fool you. They're not always polite little ladies.

I know we get way more sun than you, but when it's nice out, I feel the same way. The last thing I want to do is sit at a sewing machine.

Enjoy the sun, my friend!