Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy...

I've said it before, but some of the best days really aren't very blog-worthy ;D

In between chores and mowing jobs, the boys roam the neighborhood in a pack with their friends.
I putter around the house and yard.  (Sadly, no motivation to quilt when it's hot, though.)
Kerry works when he has work and does projects when he doesn't... a mixed blessing, for sure.

And, of course, we go to the lake.

I'm still amazed with Tate's technology - that he can swim AND hear.  An unmixed blessing :D

The awesome headband is because sometimes when he jumps in, the force of the water overcomes the strength of the magnet and sweeps the transmitter right off his head.

So thankful the boys have good friends to hang around with.

Wyatt would love to have a paddle-board, but this old wind-surfer will do.

Goof balls :D  By late afternoon, clouds were forming with a forecast of thunderstorms, but we'd had our fill by then.

And today?

Wyatt and Tate are volunteering at the Heritage Flight Museum (and possibly getting to fly, not sure, but a plane has been flying right over the house repeatedly).  Gunnar is at one (slip-n-slide) or the other (pool) of the neighbors' houses, and I'm on my third load of laundry.  Because I love laundry that's dried on the line.  *happy sigh*

And tomorrow we celebrate Wyatt's birthday - 17!!!  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, and he said as long as I was making raspberry pie, nothing else mattered.  But then he reconsidered.  His gourmet request was... chili dogs.  Alrighty, then :D

But it reminded me that long ago I'd meant to post the recipe.  So let me whet your appetite...

We think it's just about the best raspberry pie in the entire world.  And for the best pie you need the best berries... PNW berries.  Oh yes, this is berry heaven.  (That's our county - berries and dairies - but I digress.)  Oh sure, you can buy your California berries all year long.  But they're imposters, weakly flavored copies of the real thing.  Our berries take no prisoners.  They'll make your taste buds jump up and dance.  Of course, there is a downside.  They've got a shelf-life of about ten minutes before they'd better be eaten, frozen, cooked into jam, or made into something.  (And I've discovered something new!  I'm making shrub, but I'll tell you about that another day.)  Anyway...

Julie's Raspberry Pie

(This recipe makes two.  You'll thank me later.)

* Two pie crusts, we like graham cracker best.  Chocolate works just fine :D
* Fresh raspberries - two to three little boxes for each pie (depends on your crust).
Rinse and drain the berries and put them gently in the pie crusts.  Don't fill the crusts, but be generous.

*  4 Tb corn starch
*  2 C sugar (or a bit less, depends on your berries)
Mix in a sauce pan so it doesn't clump, then add,
*  3 C water
Cook until almost boiling, then add
*  1 lg pack of raspberry jello (works fine with sugar-free)
Pour over your berries and refrigerate until firm - about three hours.  You'll want
*  Cool whip or whipping cream to go on top.

I make ours a day ahead, but it doesn't keep long.  Enjoy!


Ruby said...

I am just marvelling at how your young men have grown up in the years I've known you. Flying!
Those lake photos are spectacular and again I can't believe the beauty of your country.
I know that clean washing feeling and we are blessed here with about 360 days per year when we can have it line dried. (slight exaggeration there :-)

Q said...


Had to laugh about the line drying. We can't. We're super hot and ultra dry 360 days of the year, but the sun bleaches anything on the line. OK for whites, but nothing else can hold up against it. (And that's in the shade!)

Love the gourmet request. Gabrielle and the boys always want BOXED macaroni and cheese.

Will have to see about importing some real berries, the recipe looks delish.

Felicity said...

We also have line-dried washing almost year-round! I have to admit I get tired of hanging it up and look forward to just chucking it in the dryer...
When we're living there I'll try your pie! We do get raspberries here, but they're rather expensive and I'm not sure they taste all that wonderful!

The dB family said...

Yum, yum, yum!!! I can't wait to make this. Now, to find a great sale on raspberries! Eek! Seventeen. Bub will join Wyatt in less than two months. Where did our little boys go? I guess Bright Eyes will still be unable to hear in the pool, but oh well, hearing most of the time is still better than only hearing some of the time. Love the lake pictures! Maybe we'll make it to the lake here this weekend sometime.


The Hibbard Family said...

I want to come eat berries with you. Yum!

Steven is right there with Wyatt. He has already placed his birthday dinner request. Mac-n-cheese with ground deer and peas (all mixed together). And of course none other than the faithful PNB sandwich for supper.

dlefler said...

I must make this! We get loads of blackberries and raspberries in our woods. Now, to brave the poison ivy and get some!