Monday, July 29, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, July 29, 2013

Outside my window...  cooler and cloudy this morning, which is fine.  Makes it easier to get stuff done when I'm not feeling guilty about being inside!

Hearing...  two very obnoxious crows bickering over some dubious "treat" they've discovered in the (roof) gutter outside my window.

Pondering...  I find myself wondering what Wyatt is doing throughout the day.  He's called a couple of times and given us updates.  LOTS of studying!  And lots of flying :D  Yesterday he had the first flight, at six a.m. !

Praying...  that all goes well with him, for work for Kerry, and that Tate has a good day today.  Some folks from church hired him for the day to help pressure wash a huge parking lot.  He'll really work all day long.

Thankful...  oh so very thankful to be home in my own bed.  We were camping for the weekend and I have to admit I love the comforts of home... particularly the plumbing, so conveniently close (as opposed to trekking across a campground in the middle of the night) ;D

Wearing...  capri jeans, blue t-shirt, socks and crocs.

Creating...  tweaking our school plans for the next year.

Going...  blessedly nowhere, except perhaps to pick Tate up at 5.

Reading...  Make Way for Lucia: The Complete Lucia, by E. F. Benson.  Hilarious.  Completely petty and trivial and deliciously funny.

Looking forward to...  all of Wyatt's tales from Desert Eagle.

In the kitchen...  I have a feeling Tate will come home ravenous, so I'm going o make up a crock-pot of soup and some homemade bread.  He's at that bottomless-pit-teenage-boy stage anyway, but then to go and work hard all day long... yep.  Bet he'll be famished.

Around the house...  oh boy, it's just not fair.  You come home from a little "vacation" and then have all the putting away and washing up to do!

The Mother Load...  I'll be watching a friend's little two-month-old for a few hours over the next three days, so I'll be sticking close to home... and there's plenty to do!  Need to figure out how to get what could potentially cover four years of history/social studies into three years for Tate.  Must finish cutting and piecing the quilt top so I can get it to the quilter.  And the flower beds need some attention...

Noticing that...  the house is so much quieter when there are just two boys instead of three - and it doesn't really matter which one is away.  The whole dynamic just changes.  And don't ask me why Wyatt was giving that look.  I just pulled these off their facebook page!

Something to remember for later...  I dropped Tate off at the jobsite this morning and when I left he was happily unloading equipment from the truck with a huge smile on his face.  That boy loves to work.  Well, yes, he loves to work.  And he loves earning MONEY. ;D

One of my favorite things...   boys getting along with each other.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  watching little Faye, prepping for the next school year, and cuddling the baby bunnies... more pics soon.  They are SO CUTE!

A peek into my son's world...


Mrs. Homesteader said...

How exciting! Learning to fly! We enjoy camping but we have to do the majority of it in the late summer early fall due to the haying and farm chores.

sara said...

A quote for that picture of Wyatt: "One always eats spuds with one's pinky up."

melanie said...

Wyatt's table mate looks amused by that face too :-)

Thought of you the other evening when our guests were telling us about the SIXTY baby bunnies they have now due to accidentally mixing up the boys and girls ;D

{My cousin's wife is also from YOUR neck of the PNW, so I'll probably share more of her stories with you later!}