Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cousin Camp

For years, my sister has had my boys come for overnights in the summer - sometimes one at a time, sometimes all together, some summers she's done both.  When they were younger, and constantly busy and incessantly noisy... well, you mothers of young ones (or former young ones) know what a relief it is to have a few days of peace and quiet!  Especially when you know that your kids are well and happy, and in the care of someone who loves them.  In fact, they're going again in August, and looking forward to it!

Now it's our turn... Naomi is here for the week.  And when you have a baby in the house, you have lots of toys...

... lots of airplane rides...

lots of "music"...

 and lots of smiles.  That's her extra-happy face, because Gunnar just came into the room.

Naomi just turned one and she's very mobile now but still (!) not walking.

Everything still goes straight into the mouth, too :o)

She loves to look out the big front window - it's just the right height.

I think she looks a lot like her dad - my brother - right here :D

I may have a thing for her cute little toes.

And she still likes to chew on them.

I love how little kids are such mimics.  Kerry puts a cup on her head...

 ... and she immediately tried to do it too.

But really, the cups are so much more fun just to bang together :D

And when it's hot in the house?  It's pool time!  I can't show you the really fun pictures, 'cause she didn't have a top on.  Maybe tomorrow I'll put her girly suit on :D  Trust me, she loved the pool...

... and watching the ants crawl by on the patio.


Mrs. Homesteader said...

Oh my goodness! how adorable! She looks so squeezable! My nieces and nephews all live many hours away. I only see them once or twice a year.

The dB family said...

Ohhhh, to have a little one in the house again! She's the essence of cuteness! Enjoy!


melanie said...

You ALL are having SO much fun! :D