Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Baby Morning

Don't you wonder what goes on in a baby's mind?  What can they be thinking about before they have the words to organize their thoughts?

Maybe I'm in a weird mood, but as I snapped some pics of Naomi this morning I was thinking of Eartha Kitt.  Imagine the voice of Izma, from The Emperor's New Groove.

Good morning.
This room is entirely too tidy.
First on the agenda; grab the basket...

... and spread the toys out.

That's more like it.

And now I will look at my doll like I've never seen her before...

and I will hug her and love her...

... and drop her on her head so I can play with this car.

Yes, I will pound it on the little xylophone,
and make beautiful music.

And now, for my next trick,
I'll practice carrying things in my mouth.

But this one matches my outfit.

But what's this I see?

This carpet is not perfectly clean.

I'm going to file a complaint with housekeeping.
As soon as I learn how to talk.

And now I'll apply my scientific mind to discover why this toy sticks to the table.

Bwa-ha-ha... (evil genius laugh).

Now that I have your attention,
I would like to perform for you
this interpretive dance...

... with a tennis ball...

... oh tennis ball, oh tennis ball...

... yes, clapping is encouraged...

... and now for my big, dramatic finish...

... what are you looking at?


sara said...

LOLing. You ARE in a weird mood. That baby is scrumptious. I love when they're all scrubbed and clean and shiny looking. My boys are more mud than flesh these days.

melanie said...

Cute, cute, cute! :D

Q said...

WOW does she look rested and healthy!

Choate Family said...

Oh, Julie, she IS beautiful. So glad your family gets to enjoy her :-) Hard to believe she is so big!

Ann said...

That child is SOOOOOO precious!!!