Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Sewing for Naomi

Working on the quilt for our bed is a good thing for me.  I've never made one that big, so it's a good challenge, though the pattern (if you can call it a pattern) is very nice and simple.

But I have to admit, I love the satisfaction of doing little projects that are quick to finish.  And when my SIL mentioned that the only bibs she had that still fit Naomi were the ones I made last year with her baby quilt, I knew I had a good idea for Naomi's birthday.  Oh sure, we got her gifts we hope she'll enjoy, but I figured Allyson might appreciate a few new bibs.

And so...


 "N" for Naomi

Ahhh, turquoise :D

And a little cowgirl flair...

 ... with a bit of extra pink.

Ta-daaa :D


Anonymous said...

They are GORGEOUS!

melanie said...

very fun! :D

Felicity said...

LOVE them!! one lucky girl!

The dB family said...

Ever fun!! Sheesh, I need to get back at my machine.