Friday, May 25, 2012


 Yes, I made the baby a quilt, but I'm hoping to load more pics and show you tomorrow.  In the mean time...

The second sneak preview I gave you showed this:

Which I have to confess is just a special stitch on my sewing machine, requiring no skill on my part.  I had lots of scraps left over from the quilt and so made the baby a couple of bibs.

Hey, they're not just for eating.  The way mine drooled when they were teething... well, you can never have too many.  If I had a baby in a special outfit to go somewhere, I'd put a bib on him until we arrived.  So is shirt wouldn't be soaked or spit up on.  (Now, isn't that a lovely thought!?)


Crystal in Lynden said...

Oh my goodness! Those are so cute and pretty! Can't wait to see the quilt.

leah said...

I love the color red, and those bibs are going to look so beautiful on your little niece! Love that flower stitch!