Monday, May 7, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, May 7, 2012... finally had a moment to add the pictures, so posting late...

Outside my window...  freshly mowed lawn, on every side.  In fact, while Wyatt and Tate were mowing the neighbor's lawn (a job), Gunnar - for the first time - mowed part of our lawn.  He was VERY proud of himself, and did a really good job.  (And still has all his fingers and toes - even better ;D )  Ahhhh, I love the smell of grass clippings :D  And it looks like another gorgeous day - sunny, but not hot.

I am hearing... silence.  Two boys, Kerry and our guest are all still sleeping.  One boy is downstairs, studying.  Can you guess who?!  And actually, it's not quite quiet... with our early mornings, this time of year, the birds start singing well before 5 AM.

I am pondering...  the way time is FLYING, lately.

I am praying...  to finish the school year strong (especially Wyatt), for Tate's upcoming surgery to be successful, for a sweet friend adjusting to life with a baby :D

I am thankful...  Kerry got a couple of pieces of work last week, that should keep him busy for a few weeks - thank you, God!

I am wearing...  really?  Clothes.  Whatever.

I am creating...  organization and plans for the next school year - fun!

I am going...  to persevere in getting up early.

I am learning...  how much happier I am when I know what's for dinner (you know, before 4pm.)

I am looking forward to...  Tate's CI.  Hoping and praying for great things.

In the kitchen...  lots of left-overs to fall back on this week, but trying to be more organized with our meals.

In the learning rooms...  Wyatt has fallen a bit behind (as regards our schedule) in a couple of subject areas and I want to motivate him to pick up the pace a bit.  Tate and Gunnar are cruising along just fine.  The funny thing is, even with taking three weeks off for our big vacation last fall, we're still on track to finish a week ahead of the local schools.  And that feels good :D

I know some of you school year round, and I see the appeal of that.  But here... our climate is VERY WET.  (I think I may have mentioned that a time or two?!)  And our dry months - July through September - are precious.  We want to be Outside and Doing Things as much as we possibly can.

Plus, there is a (fun) pack of neighborhood kids that our kids hang around with, and many of them are in public school, so the boys want to be free when they are.  Makes sense.

Around the house...  cleaned and moved furniture last week (or the week before?) and am turning my focus more to the yard, now.

What I really notice, though, is how much light we're getting.  Some of you are closer to the equator and may not think about it, but the length of daylight REALLY varies at this latitude.  Right now, it's fairly light already by 5am, and light until about 9pm.  And we'll gain nearly another hour on either end by the summer solstice.  LOVE IT.

I think we all kind of go into hibernation, over the dark/wet/cold winter, and now we're all finally waking up!

The Mother Load...  must make the boybarians try on ALL their clothes.  Cannot believe how much Tate, in particular, has grown lately and need to figure out what they all have that actually fits.  I anticipate Gunnar getting so many "handy-downs" (and much he's grown out of) that practically his entire wardrobe will turn over.  And Wyatt and Tate are both in men's sizes... cannot fully take that in.

Noticing that...  I need to build some flex into our schedule this week, as Kerry's dad and wife are coming to visit, coincidentally right on the heels of his step-mom's visit.  Kind of unusual, but it's been a busy few weeks for visitors.  Good busy.

This weekend we've had a missionary friend in town.  When we first started attending our church, we didn't know ANY of their missionaries, so when the first one came through - a young, single guy - we invited him over for lunch.  He's very likable, easy-going and easy to be around.  I told him that we had a spare room with a lumpy futon at his disposal any time he came through and wanted it - just please go ahead and ask us, anytime.

Well, you know, some people just nod and smile and - I don't know - assume you're just being polite.  But Jim took me at my word (which was genuine) and has stayed here two or three times.  Always a pleasure.  And if the boys (*ahem* Gunnar, in particular) haven't talked his ears off he may even come again.

Something I want to remember for later...  how proud (the good kind of proud) Gunnar felt after mowing (part of) the lawn.

A favorite quote for today...

Don't confuse fame with success; 
Madonna is one, Helen Keller is the other.  
- Erma Bombeck, that great philosopher

One of my favorite things... all the boys laughing :D

A few plans for the rest of the week... hmmmm, launch the school week, CAP, in-laws visiting, and then Mother's Day at my brother's.

A peek into my day...

The boys are lobbying hard to try breeding the bunnies, but I want to be sure we can find them homes.  They're really cute, and easy (and inexpensive) to care for.  Any takers?  :D


Rebecca D said...

Sounds like you are all enjoying your Spring! Our grass has not grown enough to warrant a cutting. I may do a little mulching later this week though.

Felicity said...

I LOVE the quote!!
We don't have such a huge variation between summer and winter times. I know it varies more in Cape Town which is much lower than us. We also don't have daylight saving which confuses me since I don't really know how it works ;-)
I hope your summer is a good, dry one that gives you lots of time outdoors!!

Ann said...

Olivia would love to take your bunnies if her daddy would let her! :-)

dlefler said...

I cannot show Matt the bunny picture. He's been BEGGING for a rabbit! We're putting it off (mostly because we travel to California on a semi-regular basis and don't want to have to find someone to care for a bunny). I foresee a rabbit in our future, though!

I am glad NY State doesn't do year-round schooling in the rural areas. We have snow for almost six months of the year, and rain for the other four. July and August are the only school-free months (and the only warm/sunny months) of the year. September is generally great, too, but our public school starts on September 1. We really appreciate the summer!

Good work on mowing the lawn, Gunnar!

Choate Family said...

Benjamin is begging to learn how to mow the grass when we finally get our own yard!