Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day In Which Much Happens

Thanks to yesterday's errand marathon I didn't have to go anywhere today, and nobody was coming over either.  And you know what that means? 

Comfy old clothes, for one thing.  Because I'm with Gilda Radner, who said,

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.

It also means fewer distractions, and more time to Get Stuff Done.  Because...

When I do stuff, stuff gets done.

Apparently it's also a big day for mottos, but I'll quit with that, now.

So here's what I got done...

1.  School work.  What with a week full of visitors coming and going, errands to run, hearing to test, and a bit more hubbub than usual among the boybarians, we hadn't quite finished our school work.  And I hate carrying it over into next week.  (Hear the whip, cracking?)  All done.

2.  School planning.  I got done what I needed to launch the boys into another week on Monday morning.  Because we have five more weeks of school, if anyone's counting.  (Me!  That would be ME!  I'm counting!)

3.  Washed all of Kerry's shirts.  Okay, not the t-shirts, but all the shirts in the closet.  Kerry does something good, in that he doesn't drop his clothes in the hamper every time he wears them.  He's an architect.  He's not getting sweaty moving that mouse around, designing buildings.  So thank you for not automatically sending everything to the wash. 

On the other hand, I think he forgets how many times he's worn things.  They don't stink, exactly, but there gets to be a musty sort of not-so-fresh smell in the bedroom.

So I washed every last one of them, and hung them on the line on hangers to dry in the fresh air.  So now I smell fresh air in the bedroom, and I didn't even have to iron any of them.

And now you know more about our laundry habits than you ever thought you would.

But I'm telling you, hangers, on the laundry line, separated by clothes pins (so the shirts don't all slide down to the middle.)  Works like a charm.

4.  The Big Buzz-Off.  Unfortunately, I was making and then cleaning up dinner as I cycled through all four of my men, so I don't have any pictures, but... everyone got their first summer hair-cut.

Love it!

So much easier in warm weather, when I can cut their hair outside - no mess to clean up!  I just invite them over to my elegant salon.  Or in other words, I run an extension cord over to the grass under the dogwood tree, turn over a five gallon bucket for them to sit on, fire up my clippers, and buzz one head after another until they're all tidy.

5.  Much to their disgust, I made the boys try on nearly everything they own this morning.  And good gracious have they been GROWING.  I always start with the biggest boy and work my way down, because the clothes get handed down from boy to boy.  And with Wyatt and Tate nearly the same size, Gunnar gets the jackpot of what he calls "handy-downs".

Is it a little pathetic that I look forward to this kind of cleaning and purging?  And maybe even put it on my calendar?  True story ;D  And now I can cross that off the Mother Load until fall, when we'll do it again.

Because they grow like crazy over the summer.  Maybe it's all the sunshine and fresh air.  Maybe they've figured out a way to photosynthesize.

6.  I loaded up four large bags of clothes to get rid of.  Some for Goodwill and some for consignment.  And if you really want to know the strange things that please the OCD side of my brain... I'm keeping a list of what we get rid of this year.

7.  But if you really want to see my inner geek get excited, look what I just got?

It's my new calendar.  I know, I know.  You're thinking,  New calendar?  Is she nuts?  It's MAY!

And to that I say, Yes, maybe, and yes. 

It's an August-to-August calendar.  For me, the year has always begun in September.  That's the time of new beginnings, not January.  You all in the Southern Hemisphere, feel free to disregard ;D  So my little organizing heart sings when I see all those blank pages, just ready to fill with plans and adventures. 

Here's an old picture of how the weekly pages are laid out.

And if you look closely, you'll see something special.

Thjodhatidardagur Islendinga.  

And in December, don't miss Fullveldisdagur Islendinga.

(Which translates to something like National Celebration Day Icelanders, and Sovereignty Day Icelanders.)

 Which just makes the calendar all that much better, because who doesn't need another excuse to have a party?  (If you have a sudden urge to celebrate Viking holidays, check here to get your own calendar/planner.)

8.  Also, there was weeding of the flower beds, wrapping of presents, folding of laundry, and washing of the dishes.   Which never seems to end.

And, finally,

9.  I remembered to make cookies the night before we need them for church.  Rather than panicking in the morning.  Which is ridiculous, because our church is so casual about it.  If it's your turn, and you forgot, there are store-bought cookies in the cupboard.  (Because let me tell you, the ones at the Shell mini-mart down the street are ridiculously expensive.  Just in case you wondered.)  But I don't have to worry about it this time, because there are bunches of little tiny lemon meringues baking overnight in my oven.

Now, if I can just remember to take them to church in the morning...


Q said...

Assembly line hair cuts - love those, but without grass and trees, we set up shop in the kitchen. (However, NOT while I'm cooking dinner!)

Please share that lemon meringue cookie recipe!

Felicity said...

Gosh - that's a LOT!! Well Done for being so organised and everything.

I really find the whole 'school starts in September' thing weird!!! I don't know how I'd adapt. A calendar that runs August to August...? My brain starts in January and ends in December.. ;-)

Choate Family said...

Julie, I think we are more and more alike! Must meet you somehow :-)

Ann said...

My planner arrived this week too! I was giddy! :-)

Ann said...

And Joanna, maybe we should plan a Choate/Hibbard family road trip for your next furlough. Can you imagine the fun our three families could have?! (I won't mention the trouble we might all get into in the process!)