Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Tate

I don't know what would become of Tate in public school, with their zero-tolerance weapons policy extending even to drawings.

Tate was assigned to write a narrative recently.  It was funny, had good "voice", was expressive and original, and ended with this sentence:

We got what we wanted, Uncle Sam got his train set and electric drill, and Santa re-started his war materiel program.

Only from the mind of Tate.


Q said...

Sounds like Rose. She thinks every problem can be solved with increased caffeine or fire power.

When she walks into orchestra rehearsal (which meets at the local high school) and some urchin asks, "Huh huh, dude, what's in the case?" she replies (deadpan), "An AR-15" and keeps walking.

Absolutely love our children!

Felicity said...

What a great kid!!
And I love Q's story above.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I can just imagine her doing that, without batting an eye ;D

melanie said...

Must confess that I sneaked over for a quick visit with my favorite Grasshoppers... {why does 'snuck' sound better?}
I'm off for a happy-nappy and needed some fun 'bedtime' stories ;-) Thanks!

dlefler said...

I'm always a bit nervous about Matt, because he is constantly devising "weapons" and is obsessed with guns/tanks/catapults. We read the Magic Tree House series and he was absolutely smitten with the idea of a castle siege. Fortunately our school seems to relate to little boys better than your schools did - but it still makes me nervous!