Saturday, September 7, 2013

In Which It Is Saturday And I Tell You More About Our First Week Of School Than You Really Wanted To Know

Yes, well.

1.  We've gotten through our first week of school and are working out the kinks.  No sweat for Tate and Gunnar, as they're both still homeschooled full time.  The only catch for them is that they're both starting the year already well into this year's math books, which means they had to hit the ground running.  (Most math books begin with a lot of review, but when you start mid-stream... well, you get the picture.)  Glad to say they're both doing great.  And - an answer to prayers - everyone has been having great attitudes. :D

Which is a really good thing, since...

2.  Wyatt's schedule turmoil was crazy enough to make me reach for my sanity kit.

He's going to the local high school part-time, like he did last year.  Actually, more than he did last year. With the encouragement of last year's math teacher he's doubling up on math this year, taking both geometry and second year algebra concurrently, as well as English and second year Spanish.

I requested they schedule him for the first four class hours of the day, as he still has to come home and do Chemistry and a half-year split of US Government and Economics.  Well, they did schedule him the first four hours, but they also threw in a 45 minute lunch... at 10:40 in the morning.  Who in their right mind eats lunch at 10:40 in the morning?  (When do those people eat dinner?)  Besides, that's eating away (ha ha) too much time.  So I got a phone call from Wyatt (at school) with the news, and off he went to stand in line for the counselor to see if he could fix it, somehow.

Well, he did.  Or, he thought he did.  The counselor switched Wyatt's first and fourth classes (Algebra and English), to give him a fourth hour class that was scheduled for a later lunch... which he could skip.  But, alas, as he walked into the fourth hour class, that teacher announced that his class had just been moved to... second lunch.  So I got another phone call, and off Wyatt went to the counselor again.  He waited in line all through the lunch period but didn't get a turn to speak with him.

At this point, I decided to go meet Wyatt after his fourth hour Algebra class, see the counselor together, and try to get it really truly straightened out, once and for all, and... we ended up deciding to do nothing.

By the time Wyatt met me and had been to his Algebra class he'd realized something.  He really likes this Algebra teacher better than the other one.  He wanted to stay in that class.  Alrighty.  It's well worth adjusting the schedule on my end in order to keep him with a teacher he's clicking with.  Yah?  So the idea is for him to go to the library during the "lunch" hour and chug away at his (school) homework so that when he gets home he can dive right into his homeschool work.

3.  Which so far has sort of worked out.  Meaning, he eats a quick lunch at school, does some of his homework, and then comes home and eats lunch with the rest of us.  So either he's turning into a hobbit (Second breakfast? Elevensies?  Luncheon?  Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?) or he's in a teenage growth spurt.

4.  But the homework... oh, the homework!  It takes FOR-EV-AH.  It's a Wyatt thing.  He's no dummy, he just works verrrrry slooooowly.  So he's coming home from school and doing homework/homeschool work all the livelong day.  Which is about as fun as it sounds.  

The good news is, it's not an attitude/behavior issue.  The bad news is, it's excruciating.  Add in CAP on Tuesdays, a (temporary) computer "class" on Wednesdays, (just one more week of) work at the Speedway on Thursdays, and weekend plans this weekend and next... and the leisure time?  There is NONE.  I feel for him, but he's got to work through it somehow.

5.  On the other hand...  Tate and Gunnar are flying through their work, so hallelujah for that :D

6.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  or not at the ranch...  Wyatt and Tate are working at an airshow this weekend, and they camped out there last night.  Fun times, given the monsoons we've been having.  I'm guessing they'll be a bit soggy when we pick them up later today.

7.  And now, to reward you for slogging through the minutia of our lives...

If I could, I'd send you one of these, seen at Costco.

No, that's not a close-up.  You're looking at a five kilogram tub of Nutella , which is


and totally unsafe to keep under my roof, so - no - I didn't buy it.  Tempted, though ;D


Choate Family said...

I could SO use a tub of that Nutella, especially when we go out to the village!

RogersUIO said...

You would get along great with my 9-year-old long as there's enough Nutella for both of you! :)

dlefler said...

We were in Toronto recently and Matt got a Nutella and strawberry crepe for breakfast at a really wonderful cafe - it was heaven!

Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

Hilarious. I just posted a photo of two of my kiddos with one of those tubs of Nutella!