Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Quilty Pics

I did a bit of sewing this spring.  Quite a bit, in fact.  With four chapel babies on the way (and the last one arrived just this morning!), I had a chance to try out some new things.  

I'd always wanted to make a Jacob's Ladder quilt...

... and I was inspired by something I saw online to try this raw-edge applique Crazy Daisy quilt.

I tried an Irish Chain for the baby that ended up coming early, in June.  I may make another one someday, with smaller squares.  This is a double Irish Chain and I'd like to make a woven triple.

I can't reveal the quilt for this morning's little boy yet, but I'd forgotten the extra quilt...

Just because I was in a quilty mood (in other words, my work space was pre-disastered) I decided to use up some scraps leftover from this quilt (of nearly four years ago).

I was able to cut enough tumblers to make a decent lap or crib quilt.  Everything that went into this quilt came from my stash.

I pieced the back together... I even pieced the batting together!

And I was happy with the way it came out.  I like tumblers.  And when you alternate them with white like this, they kind of look like tea cups or cocoa mugs.  Very cozy.

 And it turns out that a sweet friend of mine was battling breast cancer and had a brand new (first!) grandbaby - a little boy.  So this quilt ended up going to her, with lots of love :D

And now, I'm headed off to bed to curl up with one of the few quilts I've made that still lives here ;D


melanie said...

All SO fun.

Blues. Plaids.

{happy sighs}

Joyful Reader said...

Beautiful! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I just love your quilts! If I had another baby...would you make me one?!

Well, whatever your answer may be, I'm not going to have anymore babies. Not sure if that makes me feel relieved, or just terribly sad. Probably depends on the day and the behavior of my children at any given moment. :)