Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Brain Dump

1.  With all three boys in CAP now...  I get some quiet Tuesday evenings and the occasional Saturday or weekend.  They were all off volunteering at the Heritage Flight Museum today, and having a great time.

2.  Lucky them, they get lunch there.   Which means chili, three times in two days.  I made a big pot last night for dinner with enough for leftovers tonight, and guess what they were served for lunch at HFM?  Lucky them, but maybe not-so-lucky me, know what I'm saying?  (Chili for dinner, musical program to follow...)

3.  Lucky me, I've been quilting all afternoon.  Getting back in the saddle and making progress on my larger version of this,

Inspiration, here.

4.  I can tell the grapes back by the garage are ripe.  Guess how?  Purple bird poop all over the driveway.  Awesome.

5.  The boys are growing into young men right before my eyes.  So why can't they eat without dropping food on the floor?  Seriously, we have to sweep after nearly every meal.  You?

6.  But they're great helpers.  Had friends to dinner last night and the boys jumped right in with the clean-up afterwards.  Hallelujah.

7.  I'm trying really hard not to start any new projects until I finish the aqua bed quilt.  But, oh, it's soooo tempting to do some fall sewing!  

Must.  Finish.  Bed quilt.  First.

You?  Do you have five projects going at once?  Or finish one before you start the next?

8.  Mending doesn't count.  I guess I have done some other sewing.  I've fixed the hole in Tate's shorts, hemmed up Gunnar's BDU pants, since he took three steps before they started moving (I guess there's no point in asking why the Air Force doesn't have uniforms in children's sizes), and - much to Wyatt's joy - sewed his new flight wings insignia (which he earned with his solo flight, last month) onto his BDUs.  But that isn't exactly fun sewing.  BDU's are tough like denim, and some of the patches go on the chest pockets.  I've been 'cheating' and sewing right through the pocket so I can do it on the machine.  They've got lots of other pockets :D

9.  One of the bunnies went to his/her new home yesterday.  Friends from church took George aka Fluff Daddy aka Agnes (as in, He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!)  Time to put the others on craigslist.

10.  And, it's time to go pull dinner together.  Hurray for leftovers :D


Felicity said...

I laughed at the 'musical program' bit... :-D

melanie said...

Clean floors must be overrated. :p
Ours should only be half as dirty with half the kids gone, right?? ;-) ha ha ha ha ha

But many happy sighs for progress on your quilting project!

Choate Family said...

We have to sweep after every meal, too. Or we could just leave the mess for the ants to clean up. I prefer sweeping :-)